Netatmo Joins SmartThings Labs

netatmoindoorWe’re very excited to announce the newest additions to SmartThings Labs: the Netatmo Indoor and Outdoor Weather Stations. This latest SmartThings Labs integration represents the power of the open SmartThings Platform, and was created by a developer from the SmartThings community: Brian Steere.

By combining the powers of SmartThings with Netatmo, your safer, smarter home can also be a healthier home.

By placing the Netatmo Indoor module in a bedroom, living room, or other area of your home, you can measure temperature, humidity, air quality, and carbon dioxide levels to ensure that your family and belongings are protected.rsz_photo-4

Place the Netatmo Outdoor module on a patio, balcony, or near your yard to measure temperature, humidity, and weather so that you can dress comfortably and plan your day.

With the SmartThings Labs integration, you can also use Netatmo with any existing “SmartApp” that measures temperature–such as “Keep Me Cozy II,” “Virtual Thermostat,” and others found in the “Green Living” category of “More” in SmartSetup–to trigger things like fans, A/C units, or portable heaters in response to temperature.

To set up and start accessing your Netatmo devices on your SmartThings app, follow these simple steps:

• Access the “SmartThings Labs” category of SmartSetup (found under the “More” section)
• Select “Netatmo (Connect)”
• Enter your Netatmo credentials and tap “Send”
• Tap “yes” to allow SmartThings access
• Select “Done” in the upper-left corner
• Select “Next”
• Tap “Select Device(s)”
• Choose “Indoor,” “Outdoor” or both
• Select “Done”
• And then just tap “Done” again on the following screen

Here are a few visuals of the set-up process, followed by what Netatmo will look like in your Things screen once it’s connected (click to enlarge):




What is SmartThings Labs?

car-gif-balloon-explosion-755125SmartThings Labs gives customers access to a curated group of popular third-party devices and services that can work together with SmartThings while they’re still in development. These new product solutions are created by our in-house team, as well as by our growing community of software developers. Together, they make it easier than ever to control all of the connected devices in your home with the SmartThings iOS and Android apps.

As our engineering team works to fine-tune these integrated products and solutions with our platform, they may move from SmartThings Labs into more prominent sections of the SmartThings Dashboard to make way for new integrations and features in Labs. Since Labs is all about experimenting, you may notice that some product features aren’t fully polished yet. If you do experience any performance issues, we’d love to hear your feedback to help improve things–just shoot us a note at

SmartThings Labs is open for all SmartThings customers. To access it, tap “Apps” from the left-hand Menu, select the “+” symbol, and scroll down to find the “Labs” section.

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  1. I will appreciate if I could change from °F to °C my Netatmo devices..

    • Hey @UMMgl:disqus you can adjust °F and °C with your Netatmo devices the same way you can for all SmartThings devices: Just tap the menu, select the gear icon, and then select either °F or °C. The next time your Netatmo device registers a temperature, it should change over.


  2. Hi, It does not measure carbon monoxide, a fatal product of combustion. You should have dedicated alarmed detectors for that, now often included with smoke detectors. It measures carbon dioxide, a product of human respiration and a gas used by plants to grow. In ranges from a now (global warming via Co2) absolute low of 70 to 2500, you should expect as normal. 3000 to 5000, you have a stuffy room. 15000+, you’re gonna die. So, generally, it’s a measure of your room’s fresh air quality. Don’t confuse it with a carbon monoxide detector that is a home safety device geared to saving your life in a fire or a malfunctioning heating system that will kill you silently in your sleep.

  3. So as an example, I could put a remote sensor in my bedroom upstairs and when it gets above 78 degrees, it will tell my Nest to turn on the AC?

  4. This is a great new device that you guys added! I just wish you would go one step further and add an irrigation system device (e.g. from Irrittrol) so that I can efficiently manage my yard based on the weather and monitor my watering to conserv water. Think about the million of homeowners who would need a solution like this!

  5. I cannot find additional indoor unit or the rain gauge in SmartThings app. Are they supported? Or, only the base station and the first out door unit are supported.

  6. I have a Netatmo thermostat will this be compatible with the Smart Things hub in the future?

  7. Is it/will it be possible to connect Netatmo gauges to Smart Things without a Netatmo hub?

  8. Hi ,
    There are netatmo weather station and smartthings hub in the same networking in my house. When I tried to use Netatmo Connect in the SmartApps of the Marketplace.(on my iOS device) I will get the following message :
    {“error”:true,”type”:”AccessDenied”,”message”:”This request is not authorized by the specified access token”}
    Is anyone encounter this problem? Please help to tell me how to solve.

  9. I don’t find the labs section. where is?


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