iOS Version 1.7.1 is Here

We’ve just released an updated version of the SmartThings iOS app, and it’s now available for free download in the iTunes store.

UPDATE: In response to issues a few customers were having, we recently released an updated version of the iOS app. Version 1.7.2 is now available and addresses many of the hiccups customers were experiencing with 1.7.1.

In addition to lots of bug fixes, we’ve made a significant amount of improvements to greatly help performance, stability, and overall load time. Most notably, we’ve introduced the same widget functionality for iOS as we created for Android.

uploadBelow is a rundown of what’s new and different.

Most notably:
• Widgets. We’ve introduced a widget that enables you to trigger Hello, Home actions without going in to the SmartThings app.

• Updated edit location image selection
• Update Device Preferences Name immediately upon saving
• Updated copyright date, and made copyright dates updates dynamic
• More friendly error messages

Bugs fixes:
• Fixed crash for 32-bit device under location
• Fixed hamburger/leftnav Menu button not descriptive via Voice-Over
• Fixed deleting child smart apps does not refresh the page
• Fixed Hello Home doesn’t fill out entire screen on iPhone 6+
• Fixed can’t uninstall Jawbone Up
• Fixed icon automatically changes on default
• Fixed scrolling down Activity feed on Things view while it’s blank causes app to crash
• Fixed user can’t delete lock from app
• Fixed Life360 error message after entering valid credentials
• Fixed custom image is not updated after taking a photo under location
• Fixed color wheel sometimes turns dark after setting hue color via the hue app
• Fixed backgrounding app during exclusion under location settings causes crash
• Fixed device name/label is not tappable after shaking
• Fixed crash when uninstalling the incorrect device from the device specific z-wave removal screen
• Fixed missing activity feed icons
• Fixed Monitored Regions page always shows an error when viewing it
• Fixed z-Wave replace claims the device was replaced when the replacement process ends even if it wasn’t
• Fixed Device Detail: Empty Header image displays during transition/pull to refresh

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  1. I am having some difficulties adding modes to notification center
    I did the update, and added ST in Notification Center, I then get “Manage widget from My Account in SmartThings” I click on it but under My Account, I don’t see a way to do this. Can someone give me some instructions?

    • Just give it some time, I updated last night, and the widget option didn’t show up in the app until today. Also try closing the app in the app switcher and re-opening it.

  2. Absolutely love the addition of the widget. Now I can set modes faster and without having to wear glasses. Thank you!

  3. does anyone elses app crash all the time on iOS? I just bought a brand new SMARTTHINGS HUB and when I try to connect a specific zwave device or specific motion detector the app crashes over and over on my iphone 5s and my iphone6.

  4. I hope to see an apple watch app before launch date. That would convince me that the Samsung acquisition hasn’t relegated my smart things investment to irrelevancy. Nobody cares about Galaxy Gear, please don’t make me switch to GE or Lutron for my home automation.

  5. I have the new app lock up both on my 6 and 6+ it will run once then when you discover it is not notifying you of a GPS action and open the app it is locked. both phones ti s exactly the same. I kill the app and it runs again then next time locks. anyone else?

    • Steve,
      My App Does not lock up but I do see the issue with the GPS or GEO Boundaries not working. I Have it setup to open my Garage Door when I am close to my house and this stopped working for all my iPhone in my house. all iPhone 6 and 6+. But the App does not lock up.


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