iOS Version 1.5.4 is Here!

We’ve just released the new iOS version 1.5.4 to the app store. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and improved:

• Lots of fixes to small bugs and minor performance issues. 


Choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

• The ability to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius is now enabled (go to the Menu, tap gear icon in the top-right, and then tap either Fahrenheit or Celsius).

• A new password help icon is now displayed to show people how to properly set up a password when creating an account, or to remind people of their current password.

• Date headers have been added to activity log screens associated with devices, groups, and locations.

• Customers can now navigate from the SmartThings app to the SmartThings Shop through a new internal browser.

rsz_1photo_91 (1)

Change Modes directly from the Menu.

• New ability to change Mode directly from the left-hand Menu–and of course, you can still change Modes (and cause lots of other cool things to happen) using Hello, Home.

• When inviting friends and family to share your SmartThings account through the Home & Family section of the Dashboard, the recipient will receive a much better getting-started experience when downloading the app–complete with instructional screens and step-by-step prompts to get set up quicker and easier.

• Customers see a much more prominent call to action in any Dashboard category that is not set up yet. This is designed to easily guide new customers through the set-up process.

• Below each Dashboard category, we’ve added colored summary that allows you to quickly see what is happening among all of your connected items in that category. Green = things are okay or turned on; orange = attention; blue = presence of people and motion; and gray = neutral.

rsz_photo_93    rsz_1rsz_photo_92

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  1. For our Android friends: You, too, can change between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Just go into the IDE (here:, and click “My Locations” –> click on your location –> and then edit.

  2. I really like the ability to manually change modes from the left hand menu

    Still a bit disappointed with the thermostat slider.

    • We’ll get there with improved thermostat controls. On the short list. But that is a big short list :

  3. Is the service having issues? Can’t currently launch the app or use the graph site.

    • Hey, @richard_maule:disqus . We were having a few issues this morning, but things should be smooth now. If you’re still experiencing any issues, please reach out to and they’ll get you taken care of. Thanks!

  4. The Celsius needs work. In extreme temperatures you can’t enter a negative value which means I can’t monitor when it gets below -5 C which isn’t that cold.

  5. Today’s new release is missing the “expanded mode view” in the dashboard category …the arrow that used to be on each corner of the category view is missing!

    Also, wouldn’t you want to have the dashboard, things and app shortcuts/buttons accessible from anywhere within the app. This would avoid the annoyance of having to tap back several times just to get to them.

    These should be easy fixes.

  6. Ok, I just figured out how to expand the Dadhboard category view by accidentally tapping on the top banner left off the gear icon.

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