iOS Version 1.4.4 is Here

We’ve just released a new and improved version of our iOS app!

A full rundown of what’s new in version 1.4.4 is below, but the big thing to call out is an updated look and feel of the app. This recent facelift is the first in a series of exciting developments that we’ll be unveiling moving forward.

Version 1.4.2…                                        …and the new version 1.4.4
Image          Image-1

• Improvements to the UI, overall performance, device preferences, and the getting-started experience

• Updated SmartApp configuration screens

• Added support for custom background images on locations

• Added ability to explore SmartApps by device type

• Added pull-to-refresh locations and edge-swipe navigation

• Improved functionality of phone as a GPS tracking sensor (Mobile Presence); tracking now associated to a specific device

• Updated the maximum geo-fence size for a location to be extremely wide

• Improved experience when adding a Hub to your account

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  1. I love that you guys continue to innovate on the iOS front, however we’re primarily Android users in my household and would appreciate better feature parity between both mobile platforms.

  2. Do ppl really care about big images that take up precious real estate? I know I don’t. I am also begging for a native ipad version. I really love ST, but the apps both iOS and Android need some attention. Like why is there no garage door icon? Why does the garage door have to say on or off? Why can’t we put our own labels on the icons? WHy can’t the button take up the full square instead of limiting it to a circle inside the square?


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