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Friends: Today marks a very important milestone for our young company, and we would be remiss if we didn’t take the time to thank everyone who has made it possible. As you may have seen, we’ve just announced our next round of funding from two premier venture capital firms: Greylock Partners and Highland Capital Partners.

It’s hard to believe that it has only been a little more than a year since we concluded our Kickstarter campaign and began this journey. As our team celebrates this next milestone, I wanted to extend a personal thank you to the entire community that has supported us–customers, developers, employees, seed investors, and our friends and families who have been cheering us along. Without your support, we never would have begun to create a product that positively influences the way people live in their homes and interact with their families.

Even with the progress we have made together, we are not satisfied. We realize that there’s a ton of work ahead. So what do we plan to do with this investment? Three simple things:

1.     Enhance our product to make it even more easy to use and impactful. Our vision is to provide the world’s most elegant, fun, and useful way for you to bring your home to life and stay connected with it–wherever you are.

2.     Expand our distribution. SmartThings is available today in the U.S. and Canada from our Shop as well as on  In the upcoming year, we plan to extend our channels of distribution to help bring the benefits of SmartThings to many more customers.

3.   Advance our vision to be the definitive open platform in the space. We will continue to embrace and expand upon the thousands of developers, device makers, and service providers who are committed to working together to make the world smarter.

SmartThings was born out of my personal experience with a home disaster… something I could have known about and averted had SmartThings existed. We’re making SmartThings so that all of us will be able to have more fun and worry less thanks to a safer and smarter home.

Thank you,

Alex Hawkinson
CEO & Founder


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  1. Congratulations! Any news about shipment to Europe?

  2. Congrats Alex and the SmartThings team! See what happens when you build a better mouse trap?

    • That got me thinking how easy (and perhaps too expensive) it would be to actually make a better mousetrap. Just stick a SmartSense Multi on a mousetrap and know when it triggers. :)

  3. How can I get some private shares in this company?

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  8. Congratulations, great to see a great idea to actually come to light and be greatly recieved.

    I would suggest a change in your priorities, as there are many (like me) that have pledged a significant amount of money (which you have used for R&D and bringing to market a product and service), without any return so far in any way (promised product, interest on investment, or even a promise of if/ when packages will be ready).

    Other project have provided regular updates, with a feeling of involvement by the kickstarter backers, but I (like many, many others feel left out and even some commenting and asking for their money back).

    To get this far, it is a great achievement. But please remember you have customers (lots of them around the world) that have committed to your project, put their money in to bring the project together and to life, and still waiting for their promised package.

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  10. Congrats to Alex and the entire team. I’m late to the party trying everything out, but as I dig deeper and deeper into the product, APIs, and community I’m proud to be involved.

  11. Use the Kickstarter Update process to discuss things with your backers, not emails or blog posts. Deliver the product to your backers rather than chasing the extra funding..

  12. I’m not a rich man, but I will clear out my piggy bank if & when SmartThings announces an IPO. Well, whatever’s left after I finish outfitting my smart house…


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