Calling all Photographers!

To help make getting started with SmartThings as easy as possible for brand-new customers, we’d like to highlight more images of installed sensors and devices in our app. We know that there are great amateur photographers among us, so we wanted to reach out to the community to solicit your best pics! Here’s what we’re looking for…

We’d love to see any quick and candid photos you’re willing to pass along of your connected and installed SmartThings devices. No need to mount a tripod and primp your sensors with hair and makeup: a simple shot using your iPhone or Android camera will work great.

Specifically, we’re looking for:
• SmartSense Multi sensors (on regular doors, objects like jewelry cases, mounted to garage doors, and attached to drawers)

• SmartSense Motion sensors (on shelves, mounted to the wall, etc.)

• SmartSense Presence tags (in glove boxes, around a dog’s collar, attached to keychains, etc.)

• Outlets (any brand, with things plugged in or not)

• Switches

• And we’re not limiting images to the above! If you’re using SmartThings in other creative ways (Multi on a fridge or washing machine? Motion near a baby’s cradle? etc.) send ’em along!

A few tips:
• Please try to avoid hands or people in the photos. Pets are okay.

• If possible, no visible brand names in the photos.

• Letting the personality of the room show through is very welcome, but if doable, we’d prefer that the area not be super messy.

• Please try to show the device large enough in the photo that somebody else can make out some detail and get ideas.

• Shots of SmartSense Motion sensors that are a bit farther away and provide room context and a little personality are welcome.

Please send your photos to
If we end up using one (or more) of your shots, we’ll drop you a line to let you know in advance.

Many thanks, and stay tuned for some exciting news here on the blog later this afternoon.

The SmartThings Product Team

SmartThings Updates

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  1. Hmm, how about paying a professional photographer and get the exact shots that you want instead of trying to get this for free? Alternatively if you *really* want the community involved, how about offering a prize for the best shots in different categories and a discount coupon to all who enter?

    • I’ve always been involved with the level of involvement of our community without the offer of gifts. The purpose of this is really to showcase what actual people have installed and see the creative ways they are making their homes smarter.

      VP Community, SmartThings


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