The Belkin WeMo Light Switch Comes to SmartThings Labs

We’re very excited to announce another addition to SmartThings Labs: Belkin WeMo Light Switch. In January, SmartThings announced support for the Belkin WeMo Motion and WeMo Switch and, more recently we announced Labs integrations with TCP Lighting, Quirky’s Pivot Power Genius, and ecobee thermostats. With this latest Labs integration, you can use your SmartThings iOS or Android app to conveniently control your WeMo Light Switch.  

How to Integrate Your WeMo Switch Into SmartThings

From within the existing WeMo Connect SmartApp, while searching for WeMo devices, there is a new area at the bottom that says: “Select Wemo Light Switches (# found).”  If you have a WeMo Light Switch connected to your WiFi network, you simply select it, and it will be created as a SmartThings device.

Belkin WeMo Light Switch SmartThings Integration

Belkin WeMo Light Switch & WeMo Connect SmartApp in SmartThings Labs

What is SmartThings Labs?

SmartThings Labs gives customers early access to a curated group of popular third-party devices and services that can work together with SmartThings. These new product solutions are created by our in-house team, as well as by our growing community of software developers. Together, they make it easier than ever to control all of the connected devices in your home with the SmartThings iOS and Android apps.

If you’re interested in gaining access to SmartThings Labs, follow the easy instructions in our getting started guide.

As our engineering team works to fine-tune these integrated products and solutions with our platform, they may move from Labs into more prominent sections of our app to make way for new integrations and features in the SmartThings Labs. While we work to polish the edges of the different products and solutions in our Labs, customers may experience a few performance issues (after all, it is called Labs).

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