Android version 1.2 is Here

We just released a new and improved version of the Android app!

Here’s what’s new in version v1.2:

• Improvements to overall network and image loading performance.
We added a new network library that will better handle overall performance and also recovers quicker if the network is experiencing issues. We also added a new image loading library that loads faster and resizes bitmaps better–this way, large images will be resized and not downloaded into small views.

• Created ability to control lighting dimmers and other slider-controlled devices.
We have a new slider widget which now allows you to control dimmer switches and adjust the temperature on thermostats.

• Improvements for GPS tracking location (“mobile presence”).
Small steps, but you should see some improvements here and fewer notifications if you haven’t actually entered or left a location.

• Users can now upload custom images for GPS location and group tiles.
GPS location tiles can now be customized with an image of your choice. The same is true for group tiles.

• Ability to customize tile icons.
For switch-type tiles, you can now choose from a library of icons in order to customize the appearance of each so that you can differentiate one switch from another visually.

Thanks, all. We appreciate all of your support and feedback as we continue to improve the Android experience.

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