Android Version 1.2.6 is Here

We’ve just released an updated version of our Android app that comes with some fairly significant improvements.

You can download version 1.2.6 here.

Here’s what’s new and good:

• Ability to change front main tile for devices with multiple functions (meaning that with devices such as the SmartSense Multi or the Aeon Labs Multi-Sensor, you can now choose which tile you’d like to view – temperature, open/close, etc.)

• Ability to show device labels in the tile view when users shake their smartphone

• Improved UI that differentiates between tiles that are actionable and tiles that only display values

• Updated UI for SmartApp configuration

• Significant fixes to bugs and improvements to overall stability

                                            Click to enlarge

Screenshot_2013-11-01-14-18-50      Screenshot_2013-11-01-14-19-23      Screenshot_2013-11-01-14-21-37

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