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If you’ve already updated your SmartThings app, you may have noticed that it’s looking a little different today. We’re always working on behind-the-scenes improvements, but our latest release (version 2.1.0) includes some pretty exciting new features.

First, it’s a lot easier to get around inside the app now. Not only can you edit or add controls right from the navigation bar, you can also tap the menu button (aka this guy ➝ ) for quick access to Locations, Hub status, Notifications, SmartApps, My Account, Add Thing, and Support.

If you have color-adjustable lightbulbs (like the Philips Hue or LIFX), we have a totally new color chooser for you to ColorPicker_FullScreen_Select_NoCustomPreset-Copyplay with. Mix, match, or just play around with colors until you’ve perfected your lighting.

Finally, you now have access to more information aboutFamily who’s in and who’s out. No, this isn’t a reference to some reality competition; we’re talking about your family! See who’s home, what time they arrived, or what time they left. Use the new, at-a-glance tiles to stay updated.

Still have questions? Check out our app Support page.

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  1. Looks good, but when is version 2.x coming to Windows Phone? We’re still waiting for the update you promised… the reason I got SmartThings was because it supported Windows Phone…

  2. I can’t wait for it to come to android! What does “coming soon” mean?

  3. ‘generic’ multiTiles now no longer display SECONDARY_CONTROL strings at all :-(

  4. Is there any reason ST’s cannot publish an app for the iPad? A lot of people use tablets for home automation. It’s crazy to have to zoom an iPhone app!!

  5. The a/c control slider sucks. It needs to be an arrow button for up and an arrow button for down to adjust the temperature.
    When you adjust the slider bar and pull your finger straight up off of the slider, it changes the temperature a degree or 2 off from what you set it at. It takes several attempts to get the temperature right on what I want it at. Very annoying.


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