Tips for saving energy at home

You may worry about your energy bills during peak seasons. Use SmartThings Energy to check your energy usage in real-time and lower your bills.

Don’t worry about your electricity bill

SmartThings Energy’s [AI Energy Mode] makes you wisely manage the energy usage of your home appliances. The AI controls the energy usage of air conditioners and other home appliances in power saving mode before reaching the target. Now you don’t need to worry about your energy bills anymore.

Avoid unnecessary energy usage

Nothing is worse than paying for energy you don’t actually use. It’s not eco-friendly, either. Try enabling [Energy management while away] in SmartThings Energy. It alerts you to avoid unnecessary energy usage while you’re away.

Manage easily overlooked devices at a glance

Manage even small devices that are often used at home but are easily overlooked, such as hair dryers, fans, and irons, with Smart Plugs. You can manage energy by specifying the real-time usage of products connected to Smart Plugs as well as the usage time. It enables any device to save energy with SmartThings.


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