The New iOS 1.5.3 App is Here!

Several weeks ago, we reached out to the community to solicit pics of SmartThings devices in your homes. The response was really impressive, and as part of the new SmartThings iOS 1.5.3 app release that has just hit iTunes today, we’re showcasing your images!

Image-3iOS version 1.5.3 includes fixes for a lot of minor performance issues (full list below) and two cool new features:

1) The ability to expand and collapse each category in the Dashboard by tapping it

2) A new item called “Customer Pics” in the left-hand menu that highlights your SmartThings images. In an effort to make the getting-started experience as simple as possible for everyone, we hope that by showing how SmartThings customers have mounted and installed devices in their homes, it will inspire brand-new users to start monitoring and controlling their smart homes easily and quickly!

Here’s the full list of what’s new and good:

• Feature: “Customer pics” menu option in the left menu

• Feature: Tap a Dashboard module header to expand and collapse it

• Fix: Hello, Home scrolling when new content comes in

• Fix: Upgrading Hub Firmware getting stuck in ‘Downloading’ when hub goes offline

• Fix: Device value tile layout issue in device tiles

• Fix: Returning to SmartApp description after canceling install

• Fix: Retina images for device icons

• Fix: Explore SmartApps categories showing the wrong images

• Fix: Blurred background image flashing

• Fix: Various performance improvements to improve user experience

• Fix: Various other bug fixes and crashes

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