Spring Sale

Starting today, we’re offering discounts on our 2-packs and 5-packs of SmartSense Motion and Open/Closed sensors. For a limited time, you can save $10 on 2-packs, and $50 off 5-packs!

Get to know the SmartSense Motion sensor:

Providing security, convenience, and energy savings, this ZigBee device is a triple-threat and a key part of any smart home.


Here are a few things you can do with 2 or 5 of these guys:

  • Trigger lights to automatically turn on when you enter different rooms
  • Receive an immediate alert if unexpected motion is detected while you’re away or asleep in multiple areas of your home
  • Save energy by turning off lights and electronics multiple areas if no one is around
  • Automatically turn on a night-light when your child gets out of bed and have the light follow him or her into the bathroom
  • Know the temperature in multiple areas of your home in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Trigger your smart thermostat, A/C units, or portable heaters to automatically adjust when people come and go

Get to know the SmartSense Open/Closed sensor:

Don’t let the name fool you: There’s a lot more to this device than just monitoring when things open and close.


Here are a few things you can do with 2 or 5 SmartSense Open/Closed sensors:

  • Receive immediate alerts if windows, doors, or drawers open unexpectedly
  • Trigger lights to turn on or an alarm to sound if there’s unwanted or unexpected home entry or access to items
  • Monitor and secure multiple dangerous, valuable, or off-limit areas inside your home
  • Trigger smart lights to automatically turn on when you open the front door, and off when you close it behind you
  • Monitor temperature in many rooms or areas of your home in Fahrenheit or Celsius and receive alerts if there is extreme temperature
  • Trigger your smart thermostat, or an A/C unit or portable heater, to automatically adjust if temperatures fluctuate
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