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Updated – January 13, 2017

We had every intention of maintaining the Windows Mobile experience, as described below, at the time of this article’s publication. Unfortunately, since then, we have made the tough decision to discontinue support for the Windows Mobile platform. For more information, please see this article.

We are leaving the following content in place for future reference.

Wondering what’s going on with the SmartThings app on Windows Mobile? We’ve got an update from our development team.

After our announcement earlier this week of version 2.1.0 of the app for iOS and Android, we wanted to assure our Windows Mobile customers that we haven’t forgotten about you. We’re incredibly proud to be one of the very few smart home systems that supports all three major phone platforms, and we wanted to make sure you had some insight into the development process.

While we’re always working to make sure you have a great SmartThings experience on any device you choose, we know that Windows Mobile users are anxiously awaiting an updated version of the app, so here’s what’s in store:

Instead of doing a large app interface overhaul like we did with iOS and Android, we’ll be releasing individual features over time. The size of each app development team is proportional to the number of SmartThings customers on that platform, so our Windows Mobile team is smaller (though no less dedicated!) than our iOS and Android teams. We plan to do these version releases approximately once a month with a primary focus on stability and bug fixes, but which will frequently be accompanied by updates to features, functionality, and design.

What does that mean for you right now? Well, we hope to have Rooms capability in your hands in the coming days. Looking a little bit further down the road, rest assured that we’ll continue rolling out updates and design changes – though these will follow (and be informed by) updates to iOS and Android.

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  • heat_fan1

    Totally reasonable plan. I really appreciate that you’re even still working on Windows development. Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

  • anseld1986

    Hurray! Was definitely starting to get worried about the Windows app. Looking forward to the updates (and new features!), and thank you for continuing to develop for us Windows users!

  • whatsit

    Thank you!

  • cr_buck

    If you had a Universal Windows 10 app then the Windows team would support over 200 million devices and allow for a larger team while supporting mobile still. I hope you guys someday support Windows 10. Last year it was reported you would and I’m worried those plans have been shelved. SmartThings on a Surface device would be great.

    • pdawg17

      +1. Spot on. That’s the thing…with all of the UWP apps coming out companies are not only supporting little old Windows Mobile – they are supporting all Windows 10 users as well. That would only make the ST business grow…

      • cr_buck

        You know the crazy thing about it is I have been asking many companies about UWP but so few seem to know. I have even been able to directly speak with developers of some apps and they say, “We have a desktop app.” Others say that Universal Apps are impossible because different sizes should be treated differently and I tell them not only can you do that with UWP but Windows 10 already does as well as any new MS apps. Hopefully they will see the benefit and get on board.

    • metz2000

      How wonderful would this be! Hope ST devs learn how to create universal apps soon.

  • northwest_odyssey

    Just started with SmartThings last week. It’s awesome but the W10 app on the phone is not. I hate having to use my work iCrapple to set up the system, too many crashes in the W10 app. I second the idea of a universal Windows app – tablets, PCs, Phones and Xbox all using the same app. Thanks for supporting our OS and continuing to update though!!!!

    • Jake Black

      Yes the windows app sucks please fix, When it does load after 2 or 3 tries it takes for ever. Mine does not stay logged in any more. ditto on the crapple. :-)

  • Thanks for the update. Windows 10 UWP is the way to go.

  • Tony

    Yeaaahhh!nnExcellent News, I bought a starter Kit last week and was a bit concerned by the lack of update on the Windows platform (I am all Windows 10, with PC, Surface Pro 3 and all my household are on Windows 10 Mobile !) nnMy wish list:n- An Universal app would be brilliant!n- more bug fix (having to push the back arrow manytimes before it change page bugs me!!!)…n- the possibility to create, on the Things page, a “Graph Tile”, similar to the round Things tile, to graph the “measurment” history for a selected thing’s sensor (temperature and humidity)! The data is listed/recorded in the history, so it would be nice to have it presented as a graph (with drop down to select the data you want to display (temp and/or humidity).n- a transparent Live Tile with Home Monitoring status update (Alarm armed, away, Intrusion detected etc) etc would be great…n- the possibility to “pin to start” a Things used constantly (ie garage door on/off switch)…nnWhere can we communicate our wish list to the Developement team ? (similar to the Microsoft UserVoice forums?)nnI hope, despite the curent small development team on windows, that the app will evolve to its true potential, with new features etc… nnPlease Samsung do continue your effort and investment towards Windows (Universal App), there is a huge potential… nearly evey home has a PC and/or Windows based device…nnI look forward to receiving the update..nnnThanks again :-)

    • cr_buck

      Hey Tony. I’ve been trying to communicate some of the same stuff to SmartThings. I have been trying via support. They have been open to feedback through support though I don’t know if it goes anywher. I was also going go to try on Twitter using my same name, cr_buck. If you already posted on Twitter, please share and I will favorite and retweet. I’m asking others who want support for UWP to do the same so hopefully manufacturers work towards universal apps.nnAlso they told me to go here and apply for the beta program. Not sure if it is just for the regular app or UWP.n is no guarantee you will get an invite but I tried. Fingers crossed they send me an invite. Maybe you will get one.

  • MobilePassion

    Thank you SmartThings! I hope you don’t give up on getting out a Universal app.

  • Excellent! The deciding factor to focus my home automation around SmartThings was Windows support. Please keep cool things coming :)

  • Ade Ade

    At the advanced stage or planning for IoT for a new home right now. A UWP makes complete sense as we are setting up a Win10 PC to run the whole house from, especially with Win 10’s IoT capabilities- in addition to the fact we all only use Windows phones. With so many folks running Windows PCs at home, not sure why you would not make a UWP. This would be only thing that stops us purchasing your products.

  • Anything new with the Windows app? I’m really hoping for a Windows 10 version soon.