SmartThings iOS Version 2.0.4 is Here

A new version of the SmartThings app for iOS is now available for free download. The app includes a number of notable bug fixes and overall improvements designed to enhance stability.

Here’s a quick look:

ScFeatures & Improvements

  • Consolidated pairing instructions while in the getting started experience
  • Updated Device Pairing ‘Add a Room’ user flow
  • Added auto advance through page carousel tile views



  • Fixed silent pairing and un-connected client connection on startup
  • Fixed crash during startup for certain locations
  • Removed tab swipe gesture on Device details and Room details
  • Fixed app doesn’t realize its on the home network
  • Fixed video playing when leaving video player screen
  • Fixed DLink fullscreen video caused camera to restart
  • Fixed crash when trying to configure a smartApp
  • Speed up app load times
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