New in the Shop: The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

output_XqAGw2One of the great features of the new Samsung SmartThings Hub is the ability to connect a camera to see what’s happening in your home when you’re away. Today, we’re excited to announce that the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro is available for purchase in our Shop!

A perfect companion to the brand-new Home Monitoring Kit, the SmartCam allows you to check in from anywhere to view live-streaming video footage of your home. You can also get instant alerts with accompanying video-clip footage whenever unexpected events occur, as detected by SmartThings-connected devices.

phone2Unlike other home monitoring solutions, SmartThings only captures video clips whenever an unexpected event occurs, so you can maintain privacy while having complete peace of mind.

Here are a few of the many things that are possible with Samsung SmartThings and the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro:
• See that your kids return home safely from school
• Check in to see if your dog is on the couch
• Capture video footage if there’s unexpected entry or motion
• Make sure the dog walker or service provider arrived
• Check in on what your pet is doing
• …and so much more

Video clips will eventually be a premium feature within Smart Home Monitor but are available in beta as a free trial through 2015. After the free trial, a premium version of Smart Home Monitor, which includes video clips, will be available for $4.99 per month. Live streaming will always be free.

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