iOS Version 1.5.4 is Here!

We’ve just released the new iOS version 1.5.4 to the app store. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and improved:

• Lots of fixes to small bugs and minor performance issues. 


Choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

• The ability to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius is now enabled (go to the Menu, tap gear icon in the top-right, and then tap either Fahrenheit or Celsius).

• A new password help icon is now displayed to show people how to properly set up a password when creating an account, or to remind people of their current password.

• Date headers have been added to activity log screens associated with devices, groups, and locations.

• Customers can now navigate from the SmartThings app to the SmartThings Shop through a new internal browser.

rsz_1photo_91 (1)

Change Modes directly from the Menu.

• New ability to change Mode directly from the left-hand Menu–and of course, you can still change Modes (and cause lots of other cool things to happen) using Hello, Home.

• When inviting friends and family to share your SmartThings account through the Home & Family section of the Dashboard, the recipient will receive a much better getting-started experience when downloading the app–complete with instructional screens and step-by-step prompts to get set up quicker and easier.

• Customers see a much more prominent call to action in any Dashboard category that is not set up yet. This is designed to easily guide new customers through the set-up process.

• Below each Dashboard category, we’ve added colored summary that allows you to quickly see what is happening among all of your connected items in that category. Green = things are okay or turned on; orange = attention; blue = presence of people and motion; and gray = neutral.

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