iOS Version 1.5.1 is Here

We’ve just released an updated version of our iOS app. Here’s what new and better.

 Added “state restoration” to give you the option of automatically jumping back to the last screen you were viewing before closing the app. (This applies to the Things, Apps, Dashboard and Hello, Home screens.)

• Fixed issues where the Dashboard was displaying the wrong state of devices.

• Improved stability and performance of Hello, Home.

• Hello, Home notifications now animate from the bottom of the screen.

• Improved device-pairing speed and reliability.

• Fixes and improvements of SmartApp configuration.

• Faster wayfinder image load times.

• Fixed video and image display UX.

• Updated background treatment of My Account, Support, and Location edit screens.

• Added ability to swipe to delete modes in the location edit screen.

• Added a “Center Me” button to the map when establishing a home location.

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