Alexa, Turn Up the Heat!

SmartThings and Amazon Echo make it possible to control your connected thermostat with just your voice.

Get ready to love the sound of your voice.

Picture it: You’re binge-watching Netflix, happily warm underneath your favorite blanket when you suddenly think Oh no! the sun went down 7 hours ago and now the room is too cold for me to grab my phone from the coffee table, let alone get up. Now imagine the same situation, but this time, you have Amazon Echo, SmartThings, and a connected thermostat, and get ready for magic. All you have to do is say, “Alexa, raise the thermostat by 10 degrees,” and guess what? It happens.

Or maybe as you’re dashing off to work, you remember your electricity bill from last month and say, “Alexa, set the thermostat to 60!” and as you drive off, your SmartThings Goodbye Routine runs and maintains the temp for the next 7 hours. Basically, if you have a SmartThings Hub, an Amazon Echo, and your compatible thermostat (like the Honeywell Lyric), you get full temperature control without even having to lift a finger.

Looking for how-to tips? Follow these steps to get started in your own smart home.

Currently available only in the US, but other countries are anticipated to receive this functionality in the future.

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