SmartThings + WeatherBug

We’re excited to announce that SmartThings users can now save even more energy and money by integrating their SmartThings-compatible thermostat with WeatherBug.

SmartThings_NOWFor those not in the know, WeatherBug operates the largest weather and climate network on the planet–collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data from five times as many observation stations as the National Weather Service to help homes and businesses save energy.

By connecting your SmartThings-compatible thermostat with WeatherBug, you’ll be able to get real-time cost estimates based on your actual HVAC data that show you how much money and energy you’ll spend if you adjust your thermostat.

Here’s how:
• Download the latest version of the WeatherBug app for iOS or Android
• Select the WeatherBug Home section and create a WeatherBug account
• Enter your SmartThings credentials so that WeatherBug can offer you personalized daily and monthly cost estimates based on your energy usage




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  1. Does this work if one has multiple SmartThings base stations in multiple homes?

    • I don’t know- but I’m sorry to see no one else replied either. When major promoted advancements occur, at least marketing big should make sure basic questions are answered. I’m reading the announcement and see 3 screen shots and the article ends. Come on Samsung, put money into staffing a puslishing and technical team to support the community of new users.

  2. Any idea when the Ecobee3 thermostats will work with SmartThings?

  3. Has this been removed in subsequent versions? I do not see a WeatherBug Home section in the latest app.


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