SmartThings + Amazon Echo

We’re excited to announce that SmartThings is now compatible with Amazon Echo!

For those not familiar, Amazon Echo is an Internet-connected speaker that responds to commands and questions that you ask it. (Think of it as your tall, dark, and handsome personal assistant.)

By starting sentences with “Alexa,” you can play music, hear the news, get the forecast, and now… control your SmartThings-compatible lights, switches, and anything plugged in to the SmartThings Power Outlet.

To get a sense of what’s now possible, here’s a quick demonstration showing SmartThings and Echo controlling a Cree bulb, an Osram Lightify bulb, a SmartPower Outlet, and a Sonos player…

To get started connecting Amazon Echo with your SmartThings system, check out our guide for step-by-step instructions.

The Amazon Echo integration will work with both the current SmartThings Hub and the next-generation Hub. You can pre-order the brand-new SmartThings Hub here.

Pre-order the Samsung SmartThings Hub.


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  1. Amazon, put this back on sale to $99 please?

  2. Step by step instructions page “not authorized” to view? I can’t open it.

  3. Video requires a password.

  4. Launch the ‘Alexa’ app on your smartphone.
    Select ‘Settings’
    Select ‘Connected Home’
    Select ‘SmartThings’
    Follow prompts to add devices.

    So far it is working and is very cool!

  5. No Alexa “Good Morning” or “Good Night” or “Goodbye” functionality? Bummer.

    • We want it all too. I think Amazon will open it up more in the future.

    • If Alexa can control virtual switches you should be able to create a SmartApp that selects a specific mode when the virtual switch is activated.

      • Thanks Mark. That does work great! I made a virtual switch and called it “Good Night” then installed the “Switch Activates Home Phrase” and Elexa will shut down my home with the phrase “Alexa, turn on Good Night.” Thanks again for the tip. I was unaware of installing virtual switches.

        • You are welcome Adam. Your question lead me to develop a virtual Voice Switch device type to turn ON/OFF my Samsung TV. I monitor the virtual switch via IFTTT and use it to trigger a Harmony Hub activity. I am working on a direct route via IP, but it accomplishes the task in the interim.

  6. Can’t this to work, I linked my account but Alexa can’t discover devices, I get an error “There was an error discovering your devices”. If I ask Alexa to discover she replies back that will search and that it takes up to 20 seconds then responds that command is not supported.

  7. This is awesome!!!

  8. I see Sonos is a connected device via Alexa — Has anyone tried it yet ?

    I am goofing off at work and cant wait to get home to see what it can do

  9. Really nice. Smartthings need more strong partners with this to be useful and relevant!

  10. How many things I need to buy to be able to turn on and off the TV and stereo etc? The HUB and also Harmony? it will be like 400 bucks for just be able to turn those.

    • Home automation is not for poor people. At least not yet.

      • I would not consider us even close to “rich”. Piecemealing it together one device/kit at a time over the couple years though I can pretty much do anything I want. Biggest expense has been finding a hub that actually works as advertised.
        I looked at ST to begin with ( but the cost scared me away) Then I fell victim to the free Wink hub scam. I didn’t learn my lesson, so I grabbed 2 of the Wink Links when they were giving those away . Then backed the Securifi Almond + , great CS compared to Wink, but still far from delivering everything promised.
        So here I am back at ST with a V2 on pre-order . At this point I have $2000 invested in sensors and am still looking for a hub that can actually control everything reliably.

    • You can get non touch screen Harmony Home with Hub on Fleabay for <$100, Touchscreen for ~$200.

  11. Does anyone know why you can not access your z-wave door locks with Echo? Are they just not supported yet? Thanks.

    • Echo hopefully will never support unlocking door locks or turning off security systems. You can use a virtual switch to accomplish this, but be advised Alexa responds to anyone and has a fairly long range. Anyone can give Alexa commands including a burglar outside your door.

      • Agree that it is a BIG security issue, but couldn’t you do it with a virtual switch ? Of course you could somewhat lessen the security issue ( not eliminate it) if you give the switch a unique name. ” Alexa turn on the phase cannons ”

        I did something similar as a call for help. Made an IFTTT recipe for Alexa . Ask her for the score of the Broncos game and she calls and texts my wife and daughter with message that I need help.

  12. This is awesome, but the best part of that video was the decision to use “Trap Queen” for the Sonos demo.

  13. A+

  14. This works so well. My only wish is for “Alex, set the mode to Away”. The kids are having a blast telling Alex to turn on and off the lights.

  15. If you pair your Echo with the Wink hub you can control all the smart home gadgets that the hub can control. There are some good setup instructions at only took me about five minutes. The Echo as a standalone is coming along, but for now I use it with my hub.

  16. Can I get the Amazon Echo to tell me the status of sensors – like the door and window sensor?

  17. HAL 9000?

  18. FYI this is a lie unless you live in the US. Smartthings aren’t committed to providing any UK functionality, why their API depends on your location so much at all is a good question, very disappointing.

  19. Will this work with the version 1 hub?

  20. So with the new Samsung R-1 Integration, can you sync the Echo with R-1 to play music in multiple rooms at the same time? The R-1’s have an app but it won’t sync with Echo.

  21. Hello All, my Galaxy S6 will turn on my Samsung Smart TV over Wifi to start Screen Mirroring… how can I get that same functionality to work with Echo?! No IR blaster, no SmartThings Hub (yet)…

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  24. Yes, we had not know about Amazon echo when it was launched. But now people are very interested to buy this smart device. Amazon Alexa has many skills to drive this device.

  25. Bought a GE Outdoor Smart Switch but not clear on how to connect with Alexa. It sounds like I need to buy another product (Z-wave hub?)? Not clear from Amazon site or GE sites on what is needed to get Alexa to control the switch. Any guidance on how to do this would be great.

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