4 New Compatible Devices

We’re pleased to announce that four new devices are now officially compatible with SmartThings’ open platform. Here’s a brief look at each:

Aeon Multisensor (Gen 5)data-aeon-multisensor-600x600

Aeon’s latest Multisensor detects motion, temperature, humidity, and light. This Z-Wave device can be placed indoors or outdoors to add intelligence to every corner of your home.

Aeon Recessed Door Sensor (Gen 5)

Recessed Door Sensor-01The new Aeon Recessed Door Sensor is a magnetic, battery-powered Z-Wave device that fits on the inside of a door frame. With a small size, it easily fits subtly into any room without compromising your home’s aesthetics.

Aeon Siren (Gen 5)

confluence-device-bannerA brand-new device, this pluggable siren is about the same size as the SmartSense Motion sensor and can scare off any intruder with a loud blare and three flashing LED lights. It has a rechargeable backup battery so that it can be activated even during a power outage.

EcoNet EV100 Vent

23320side2bigSave energy and money with this Z-Wave battery-powered controllable air vent. The smart vent can evenly distribute heating or A/C, shut off when rooms are unoccupied, and partially open or close to balance air flow.

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  1. Problem with those ‘smart’ vents, (or closing one in general,) is that you change the pressure/flow of your HVAC system, which can cost you more money in efficiency, damage your blower motor, coils, and even your compressor.

    Not wise at all.

  2. Modifying your HVAC system requires expertise and a well designed automation plan. As one of the initial steps you should monitor air pressure and automatically adjust fan speed so you do not overload and damage your system. It is not as simple as just automating the register vents which increases the air flow to the other registers when one or more are closed.

    Best Regards

  3. I’m very glad somebody else commented on the risks and adverse effects that these vent registers have.

    This article gives more details if you’re considering it


  4. Does anyone know if the Aeon Labs Siren Gen5’s volume can be changed via SmartThings – or is the volume control on the device? For example, when “Home” use the siren as a door chime, and when “Away” or “Sleeping” use the siren as an intruder alarm?

  5. Great article, glad to see someone else talking about issues they’re having with venting, this is another great article to help: http://heattalk.com/


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