32 New Compatible Devices

As part of our commitment to an open smart home platform, we’ve recently added a bunch of new devices to our compatibility list. By pairing these products with SmartThings, you can enhance your smart home and teach it a few new tricks.


With these four Kwikset products (our first officially compatible ZigBee locks!) you’ll be able to lock and unlock your door from anywhere, and set your door to automatically unlock as you approach and lock behind you after you leave, and easily allow service professionals to enter and leave your home if you’re
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• Kwikset 910 SmartCode Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt (ZigBee)
• Kwikset 912 Lever Door Lock (ZigBee)
• Kwikset 914 SmartCode Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt (ZigBee)


YaleWe’ve also added compatibility with three great Z-Wave locks–two from Yale and one from Kwikset.

Yale YRD240 Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt
Yale YRD210 Push Button Deadbolt
Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt



Finally, you can now sync your smart home with a world of music from Bose by connecting SmartThings with 11 products from the Bose SoundTouch family. Control your audio system directly from SmartThings, power it, adjust the volume, select preset stations, so much more.


vent-image-harringbone.ce02c46eAir Vent

Increase comfort, reduce energy costs, and balance your home’s temperature room by room by replacing your air vents with Keen Home’s smarter air vents.

From now until December 31, Keen Home is offering an exclusive 5% discount to SmartThings customers. Just go to KeenHome.io and use the code KEENHOMEST.


Add some brains to your smart home with these six products from Leviton. The newly compatible switch, receptacle, and modules will allow you to control and automate your lamps, fans, small appliances, and electronics from anywhere. The dimmers will allow you to not only control and automate these devices, but also dim and brighten lights as well.

LevitonLeviton DZR15 Decora Receptacle
Leviton DZS15 Decora Switch
Leviton DZPD3 Dimming Module
Leviton DZPA1 Appliance Module
Leviton DZMXI Decora Dimmer
• Leviton VRMX1-1LZ Dimmer


We’ve also added support for five Enerwave devices–three that allow you to control and automate your lights, and two that can let you know what’s happening in your home.

Enerwave Plug-In Dimmer Module871PW8wN3E0L._SL1500_
Enerwave Duplex Receptacle12
Enerwave On/Off Switch14
Enerwave Ceiling Mounted Motion Sensor
Enerwave Magnetic Door/Window Sensor20


Garage Door Openers

711A8qC-G9L._SL1500_The Linear (GoControl) Garage Door Opener is an all-in-one controller that can open and close your garage door remotely as well as monitor the status with a built in-tilt sensor. By pairing it with SmartThings, you can set it to automatically open as you approach, close behind you as you leave, and much more.


31Ah1j7qZoL-1The Fidure Thermostat is a great ZigBee thermostat at a greater price. Monitor the temperature in your house and automatically adjust it to your preferences straight from the SmartThings app.

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  • This is great, but I would trade all 32 of these for the ability to add family users to my account. ;)

    • Scott Townsend

      This is really getting in the way, not having the additional users. I feel like getting a v1 Hub, then Migrating to the v2 just to get the Legacy users access.

    • Ian Chesnut


    • Wait I’m confused, I have multiple users with my account/hub.

      • Are you on a V1 SmartThings hub (or maybe sharing your account) ? Not sure about V1 hubs, or people who already had users in place, but with my V2 hub when you try to add anyone in the app it just says “This feature coming soon.” Staff posts in the forum have said “very soon” for about a month now :) , and the system update this week was a step toward it. Just need the mobile apps updated now apparently.

        • Ah. Yeah I’m on V1. That’s weird that it works in V1 yet it’s an upcoming feature in V2.

    • Joshua Johnson

      Yeah I’m confused too, I have my Wife and my Brother both on my Account with their own logins and everything works great.

      • Tasmin Brown

        Many people have requested having a “child” user such that the app can be on their phone and act like a presence sensor without giving your 10 yr old access to monkey with the lights and thermostat (for example)

        • Jared Dryer

          You can!! I did!! You need to use the Life360 App and add your Life360 “group” to Smartthings. What I did is for my wife and I, we use our phones and Smartthings as our presence sensors for “I’m Back and Goodbye” We created a new function called “Family is Here” where anytime someone comes in range on Life360 it disarms the alarms and changes the thermostat etc without giving them access to the system at all. Additionally we did set each up to do different things. Like for us, the garage opens when my wife or I come home. when anyone else comes it doesn’t.

  • Still no support for the Nest thermostat…

  • How can I configure an existing
    opener for the approaching/leaving events as described?

  • Chris

    Do I need hub v2 to use these devices or can my hub v1 use these 32 devices….especially the garage door opener?

    • Rob A.

      There should be no reason a v1 hub wouldn’t work with a garage door opener. I have the v1 hub, and use the Evolve LFM-20 Fixture Module to open my garage.

    • Michael Holian

      I use that device on my V1 controller.

  • Josh Colvin

    The Kwikset 910 is not a touchscreen lock. The one you have pictured is the 916. Is that one compatible as well?

    • Michael Simmons

      I have the z-wave 916. SmartThings didn’t specifically say it supported it when I bought it but it works fine. I’ve had it for over a year now with no problems.

      • Josh Colvin


    • Rob A.

      I use the 910 with the v1 hub, and it is compatible.

    • drbabcock

      The 916 is listed as supported with the Z-wave locks – 2 Yale locks and 1 Kwikset.

      • Josh Colvin

        I see. It’s just misleading to have a picture of a Z-wave 916 lock next to the heading for ZigBee locks, and say that the 910 is touchscreen when it is not.

        • drbabcock

          Yep – agree. They also say there are 4 new ZigBee locks, but only list 3.

          • Josh Colvin

            I looked in the compatible device list and the ZigBee version of the 916 is listed, but there is no link to purchase. I checked on Kwikset’s website and it says the 916 is available in Z-wave and ZigBee, but only the Z-wave is available to purchase. I’m thinking that the ZigBee version is coming soon, but not yet available.

  • Eric Fortin

    is there any weather stations compatible with z-wave ? thanks.

  • Anthony Anderson

    What about the nest and Chamberlain support? is that coming…I mean I am glad about the above…but any up date on that?


    • The community has a work-around for the Nest Thermostat, if that’s what you’re looking for. The nice thing is, the workaround allows me to adjust my thermostat even when the Nest cloud is down (more and more often lately).


      • Anthony Anderson

        I am aware of the user developed device type and have it. Problem is, Hub V2 will not do local processing of custom device types. ST has been talking about official support for Nest for awhile. While I appreciate the community built support, I am really looking for official support from ST.


        • Understood. I do wonder how much of this is more of an issue with Nest than SmartThings though. As far as I’m aware, the only fully featured hub that works with Nest is Insteon.

          Regardless, it’s a huge bummer and I do hope they figure it out.

          • mikek

            lowly staples connect works with nest. I know from experience.

            Seems wink does too http://www.wink.com/products/nest-learning-thermostat/

            last i checked Vera was using a community devleoped plugin like ST- no official support.

          • I’ll take your word on Staples Connect, even though it isn’t listed as a supported device on the Staples website (or the Nest site for that matter). I didn’t realize Wink was compatible either. I was basing my above statement off of the Nest website and what was officially supported. It seems Nest does not have a complete list.

          • mikek

            Yep. I used vera for years and recently moved on. Tried the staples connect the last few weeks. It is totally basic. Can’t do anything complex. But somehow they implemented nest thermostats very well. Even understands nest’s home and away and you can use nest home/away to change the staples modes (home away etc) too or vice versa. They have a blog post from around June announcing it. BUT they dont support the nest protects so maybe that’s why it’s all not listed? Anyway that aside staples connect is too too basic so I’m waiting for Amazon to deliver my smart things hub. Hopefully it’s good for me for the long haul.

    • Tom Callis

      I’ve gotten SmartThings to control my Chamberlain MyQ-enabled garage door using a workaround posted in the community forums.

  • DPB

    What about Samsung Shape. it is your own brand and it doesn’t work

  • LibertarianSinceEver

    Anyone know if/when the Kevo lock will be supported????

  • LibertarianSinceEver

    Will the Keen smart AirVent’s work with the EcoBee thermostat’s on a per room basis????

    • Yann Oehl

      That would be awesome!

  • Daniel Cotroneo

    Hello, MyQ….
    Can you hear me?

  • Mario Sanchez

    ok but lutron when? smartthing is very poor in shades and blinds

  • I previously added several Leviton devices to my hub, with limited functionality. Do I need to do anything to take advantage of the official support? Or will they automatically update?

  • KiwiBri

    how about honeywell and their rebrands themostat support?

  • Charlie H.

    Still waiting for Spruce to show up on the official list! Waiting for my controller to ship! http://www.spruceirrigation.com

  • Parker Anderson

    Anyone else excited when they make an announcement like this only to find out the Nest STILL is not supported even though they have been “working” on it for like a year now? Nobody cares about vents that aren’t available yet or more cheap looking thermostats. NEST support and multiple user support is key! Also a tablet view would be great to create our own security hubs!

    • Nest would be awesome. I’m also waiting on more camera options but I know that will come…

  • Josh Barnhardt

    Okay, You list Enerwave Motion Ceiling. There isn’t a new DH for these that I can find in IDE and ST still detects them as Zwave Motion which does not work currently with the Enerwave Motion device. It just stays stuck on Active Motion the entire time as it always have.

    if it’s officially compatible – where is the DH or what is the process?

  • Bill Gonzo

    I’m still waiting to have an outdoor repeater, or a way to have 2 smart things hub bridged across 1 wired network. Can’t get it to my detached garage properly. (50 feet) :(

    • Agmilmoe

      You could use a “smart” light bulb like the GE Link. (Uses z-wave… You don’t need the wink hub.)

      • Bill Gonzo

        I have spot lights outside so no place to put a bulb. I also bought a “repeater” of sorts but it’s indoor only. I have put it in a outside outlet but the cover masks the signal.

    • Big Mig

      I also have a range issue reaching my detached garage. I added a Cree connected bullb in the garage but it did not improved intermittent range with the ST multi sensor. Would love to see a hard wired / Ethernet extenter without having to spend $99 on a second hub

  • John McFadden

    I’m in for the smart vents, been waiting for a product like this! If anyone wants to use my link so you get $40 off yours, here ya go: http://keenhome.refr.cc/6DNRKBC

  • Riparian53

    I would like to add my wife as a user. Is it as simple as connecting a new device?

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  • aliel

    I am aware of the user developed device type and have it. Problem is, Hub V2 will not do local processing of custom device types. ST has been talking about official support for Nest for awhile.

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