This pretty thought-provoking video comes courtesy of the British Institute of Posthuman Studies. In it, the writers explore the crossroads of philosophy and technology and beg the question: What would happen if we fundamentally alter our intellectual, physical, and psychological capabilities, and is the idea of developing super-human intelligence a good or a bad thing?

While this doesn’t necessarily mirror what we believe in as a company (read: we do not want to implant chips in anyone’s brain… except for maybe Pugstopher), there are a lot of interesting tie-ins to the #IoT movement–specifically from about minute 4:20 forward.

We’re curious: Does this excite you? Terrify you? Make you want to dust off your Aldus Huxley collection? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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  1. I, for one, am super excited for the Singularity. I hope to last long enough to see it and upload my consciousness into the cloud. Whoa, that has some serious parallels with some lines of thought that I have rejected most of my life. Weird.

    • .. if you’ve not read it, you’d find it very interesting!

      • I didnt see them drop the Kurzweil bomb until 5:27. Nice… and he now works at Google!

        edit: I posted the Kurweil link before watching @_@

        • I have read the Age of Spiritual Machines but had heard good old Ray get’s further and further toward the deep end in later writings (or maybe close to the truth!)

          • Closer to the truth… well put! Throw a bunch more resources and talent, I’m sure that “truth” is achievable for a person or group on the same/similar mindset as Ray. I find a lot of similarities in ideas like this tied to the “self quantifying” movement, and see it as an early / easy stepping stone to convergence. When you start connecting “things”, seeing the data and common values, amazing results happen. This is only the beginning.

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