[VIDEO] Inside The Ultimate Smart Home

CNN Money ventures inside Matt Mullenweg’s San Francisco apartment to show how the WordPress creator and social media entrepreneur uses SmartThings. Behold…

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  • joe

    how do you set the hue light color based on commute traffic conditions?! that is awesome!!

    • eliot_smartthings

      ha, glad you like it, joe! it’s not quite ready for prime time quite yet, but we’re working on making it accessible for everyone!

      • joe

        what a tease! you know us smarties eat up that sort of stuff. can’t wait to see what you guys deliver next. keep up the great work!!

        • LongAwaited

          Hear Hear!! That’s the first thing I honed in on!

  • Santiago Hidalgo

    How can I activate a voice message when I come home?

  • Huy Nguyen

    I saw the Nest thermostat in there and have seen it on other demo videos. I’m using the unofficial community integration right now but am wondering when an official version will appear in the Labs?

    • alttext

      Nest has yet to release their official API so there won’t be any “official” support until that happens but the SmartThings implementation is moving forward. Just not in Labs quite yet.