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Jordan and his wife had been using SmartThings to gain peace of mind and to make their lives more convenient. Then one day while Jordan was at lunch, he got a notification that caused him to panic.

“I’ve had a SmartThings home automation system for about a year now. I liked the idea of being able to control my house from my phone, but I love the idea of my house reacting to us and letting us know proactively about what’s going on.

My then fiancée (now wife) and I bought smart outlets, door sensors, motion sensors, moisture detectors, smoke alarms, and even a siren. It was great knowing who was at the house, whether or not the garage door had been left open, to be greeted by lights that turned on when you arrived home at night, and to be able to turn those lights off with your phone when you remembered you had left them on after you had already laid down in the bed.

SmartThings made my life easier. A few weeks ago, SmartThings went beyond being helpful into being a necessity to protect my home and loved ones.

SmartThings made my life easier. A few weeks ago, SmartThings went beyond being helpful into being a necessity to protect my home and loved ones.

I was at lunch with a coworker when I received an alert on my phone that my back door was open. It was the middle of the day, so the only “person” home was my dog, Figment. I immediately called my wife to see if she had gone home early that day. She was still at work. I quickly used the SmartThings app to turn on the siren in the house and my wife called the police. The police arrived quickly and let us know through our neighbors that everything was okay in the house.

alarmI arrived home shortly after to see what damage had been done. Thanks to the alert we received, it was minimal. It appears that the burglar had just made it to the bedroom (where Figment was put up in her kennel!) when the siren went off and they fled. He was able to grab a single jewelry box (with just a few pieces) and a wallet that was grabbed on the way out the door.

Yes, we lost some things. But without our SmartThings system, who knows what might have happened? The perpetrator could have hurt our helpless Figment. They could have taken Figment! We could have lost all of our valuable possessions. I shudder to think what could have happened.

I know this sounds like an advertisement for SmartThings, and in a way it is. I’m a true believer in this company. If not before, I definitely am now.” – Jordan

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  1. Don’t be tricked by these articles. This system never works as well as advertised in their videos and articles. Things won’t respond, things will falsely respond, the alarm hardly ever works, doors won’t unlock, lights won’t turn on. Dishonest company is just using false advertising.

    • That stinks that you have had such a bad experience. I have had the total opposite experience, this system has changed the way we live in our home. Our home has literally come to life thanks to smart things and it’s compatible devices. I look forward to expanding the possibilities. I have over 50 connected devices in our home all work pretty close to perfection.

    • I totally agree with you. I consistently experience every single issue that you’ve listed. I cannot fathom why there are so many fanboys for this product when it’s clearly flawed.

      In fact, the company itself acknowledges these problems and is spending tons of money coming up with a new HUB (2.0) with the exact opposite architecture (local as opposed to cloud based control of devices) as the existing HUB.

  2. This is a warning!!!!!!!

    Do not use ST for any automation where you cannot verify the results in person every time (clearly defeats the purpose of using ST). This system is outright dangerous. Saying this system is a joke is being generous.

    For over a month, my wife and I kept finding our front door unlocked and garage door open in the morning. After blaming each other for several weeks, we eventually figured out that ST was the culprit.

    We have now verified that ST does indeed delay the automation that should occur upon arrival for hours until my family is fast asleep.

    It is absolutely irresponsible (even criminal) for SmartThings to claim that their system provides safely and security, when in fact, it places individuals and families at extreme risk. It’s just a matter of time before ST is sued for causing direct harm or contributing to personal loss and/or injury.

    Do not trust this company!!!!!!

    ST is clearly and fully aware of these problems based on endless postings on ST’s community forums and the companies own half acknowledgments and apologies for the same.

  3. Sounds like, just a bunch of angry people.. They probably Bitch about everything.. Lighten up people, its not really that important in the grand scheme..

  4. They could have taken Figment! We could have lost all of our valuable possessions. Casquette NY

  5. This is a warning!!!!!!! Following is just one problem from a boundless list of problems with ST.

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