SmartThings Starts Shipping to European Kickstarter Backers

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We’re pleased to announce that we will begin shipping SmartThings to our European backers this week. If you’re a European-based Kickstarter backer, we have just sent you an e-mail asking you to either select your SmartThings devices (if you haven’t done so already), or to confirm your mailing address (if you’ve already selected your SmartThings devices). We ask that you please complete and submit this e-mail so we can send you your order.

Thank you very much for your support and patience. We’re committed to ensuring that every international backer receives the devices they have ordered, and will provide an update for our non-European international supporters moving forward.

The SmartThings Team

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  • jonathanfh

    When will Europeans that are not backer be able to order Smartthings? Thanks!

    • eliot_smartthings

      Hi, @jonathanfh:disqus
      We don’t have a definitive date at this time. Our first priority is to get the product to all of our international backers. We’ll keep you updated, though!

      • Søren Larsen Pedersen

        3 months and no updates – Any news?

        • alttext

          We still are not shipping any units internationally (except Canada) except for Kickstarter backers. Sorry. No more news than that.

  • Dan


    • alttext

      If you are a Kickstarter backer in Australia you should be getting your reward soon.

  • Jack

    Yes, what about Australia? It’s been a while now!

  • popescu

    Hello, it’s been three months since the last user asked this… Is there any chance of getting a SmartThings hub in Europe as a non-backer? Thank you.

    • alttext

      We still are not shipping any units internationally (except Canada) except for Kickstarter backers. Sorry. No more news than that to share.

  • Can you give an ETA for Europe and Australia for non backers, i want to buy buy buy :D

    • alttext

      No ETA yet. We are sorry.

  • Thomas Kopp

    Sad to see that even if there is a CE certified version for backers since months there are no intentions at all to ship to Europe

    • Thomas Kopp

      I hope being a Samsung business unit will help to soon ship to europe

  • Thomas Kopp

    Does it work to buy the smarthings hub in the US and just use it in europe? Zigbee should work everywhere on 2.4GHz, right? And maybe the power brick already supports 110-230V.

  • Dimitril

    Still no news when this is going to ship to europe ? I noticed that the last post was 6 months ago…

    • Nigel

      Agree with all the other posts here – would love to see this product launched in Europe (particularly UK).

  • Vincent Arancio

    How I can Buy one ?

  • 3D-Stereo

    What about now? Not shipping to Eu?

  • 3D-Stereo

    What about now? Not shipping to Eu?

  • LZantoX

    will it be available for all European countries (including Portugal J)??? Thanks!

  • jason Torres

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