Know When Your Laundry Is Done

You asked for it, we made it: We’ve just published a SmartApp that sends you notifications when your laundry is done.

Appropriately, it’s called “Laundry Monitor.” You can find it under the “Convenience” SmartApp category. Here’s how it works:

Place a SmartSense Multi on the side or top of your washing machine. Configure the Laundry Monitor SmartApp by selecting a Multi following the prompt: “Tell me when this washer has stopped…”. You can also select a lamp or light to turn on or flash if you’d like multiple notifications.

The SmartApp works by sending you a notification once the washer stops vibrating. Since a washer may stop vibrating at certain points during a cycle (example: during the few seconds between when water stops flowing and a cycle starts, if you open up the door to check on it, etc.), the two prompts under the header “Time thresholds” are simply meant to prevent false a notification if the washer is still running but not vibrating.

“Minimum cycle time” = the shortest amount of time that it takes your laundry cycle to run.

“Time to fill tub” = the amount of time that it takes your washer to fill with water.

(Note: If you set the “Time to fill tub” field for less time than it actually takes for your tub to fill with water, you may receive a notification before your laundry is ready.) 

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