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SmartThings Open Cloud & the ARTIK Chip

During the opening keynote address yesterday at the annual IoT World conference, Alex Hawkinson joined Samsung Electronics President and Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn on stage to announce a new open software and data aggregation cloud called SmartThings Open Cloud. This offering is a companion to a Samsung line of IoT modules called ARTIK, which was also announced yesterday. Read More

Jeff Hagins on SmartThings’ Beginnings

SmartThings’ CTO, Jeff Hagins, stepped on stage at this week’s Startup Grind conference to tell the story of how a personal disaster sparked the idea for SmartThings just three years ago, how it’s evolved, and how far it still has to go. Read More

[VIDEO] Hacking the Physical World

SmartThings co-founder and CTO Jeff Hagins speaks at TwilioCon, taking the audience on a journey to understand our vision of the “Physical Graph,” a virtual representation of the physical world, and what this will mean for developers as the Internet of Things (IoT) explodes all around us. Read More