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July 8, 2014

Lightning Crashes, a Family Gets Smart About Sewage Backup

After a father and his family are hit with a sewage backup during a thunderstorm, he sets up a foolproof water-detection solution using SmartThings, and it saves him from a second flood later that week. (more…)
July 7, 2014

New Item in the SmartThings Shop: Water Detection Kit

[caption id="attachment_4669" align="alignright" width="360"] Prevent minor leaks from turning into major headaches with the SmartThings Water Detection Kit[/caption] We know how devastating a minor leak can be if it goes undetected. Three years ago, SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson discovered that a leaky pipe had caused his entire vacation home to flood. By the time he and his family discovered the damage, his porch and basement were rotting, and his home had endured $80,000 worth of structural damage. Had he been alerted as soon as his pipe started leaking, he could have saved his family's home and personal belongings. To make sure this wouldn't happen again, Alex came up with the idea for SmartThings. Our brand-new Water Detection Kit is the easiest and most affordable way to prevent a little headache from turning into a major disaster. Simply place each of the two included SmartSense Moisture sensors in areas of your home susceptible to water leaks or water entry and receive an immediate alert on your smartphone at the first sign of excess moisture. For less than $200 (a $9 savings versus purchasing the products individually) and fewer than 15 minutes, the SmartThings Water Detection Kit offers you invaluable peace of mind. The Water Detection Kit includes: • 1 SmartThings Hub • 2 SmartSense Moisture sensors To learn how other customers are using SmartThings to prevent water damage in their homes, check out these stories: • Avoiding Costly Water Damage in Your Home • SmartThings Smells Trouble • The Great Flood
June 16, 2014

SmartThings Smells Trouble

Cover your noses, 'cause this is one of the more pungent stories about how SmartThings saved the day :-) (more…)
May 9, 2014

2 New Dashboard Features

We've just added two new features to the SmartThings Dashboard that make it easier to secure your home, gain peace of mind, and worry less. (more…)
April 29, 2014

Smart Families Get Moms SmartThings

Being a mom is hard work. Monitoring your home shouldn't be. This Mother's Day, give mom a present that will last for years to come: greater peace of mind so that she can worry less, do more, and stay connected to the people she loves the most. (more…)
April 28, 2014

The Great Flood

A customer gets an alert in the middle of the night from SmartThings that there is water pouring into his basement. (more…)
March 18, 2014

It’s Getting Hot in Here

A father of two young kids races home from the hospital when SmartThings alerts him that his furnace is causing their upstairs loft to get dangerously hot. (more…)
March 5, 2014

[VIDEO] Inside The Ultimate Smart Home

CNN Money ventures inside Matt Mullenweg's San Francisco apartment to show how the Wordpress creator and social media entrepreneur uses SmartThings. Behold... (more…)
February 20, 2014

Another “Saved My Bacon” Story

SmartThings alerts a father that his home's thermostat had just died–conveniently during one of the coldest winters in recent memory. (more…)
February 14, 2014

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alerts

In honor of Valentine's Day, we're excited to announce a brand-new addition to the "Damage & Danger" section of the SmartThings Dashboard that's designed to protect those you love the most.  (more…)