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April 2, 2015

A Smart Garage & A Smart Home

Brian backed SmartThings on Kickstarter to help control and monitor his garage for his business. But he and his family have found that the benefits of a smart home extend inside, too. (more…)
March 6, 2015

SmartThings Helps Catch a Burglar

Susan bought SmartThings because she wanted to keep an eye on her home when she goes out of town. She never expected that SmartThings would help her catch a burglar in action. Check out how a SmartThings setup that cost less than $200 helped notify Susan that something was wrong, identify the intruder, and keep the police safe–all from nearly 700 miles away. (more…)
February 18, 2015

How SmartThings Saved the Day

You don't often think about the importance of humidity in the winter. But as frigid temperatures continue their grip on much of the country this week, we wanted to share a story from the SmartThings Community about a customer in Texas who figured out a way to keep his home's humidity level from plummeting as temperatures dropped. (more…)
January 27, 2015

Watering More Than Plants

Maureen, an avid gardener, was merely trying to keep her plants watered while she was out of town. She soon discovered that a busted water line had soaked more than just her perennials. (more…)