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SmartThings iOS Version 1.6.7 is Here

We’ve just released a new version of the SmartThings iOS app that’s available for free download in the iTunes store! This new version includes a handful of new features, as well as lots of fixes designed to improve overall performance.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

• A series of UI updates to optimize the app for iPhone 6 and 6+

• When a Hub isn’t connected to an account, users will now get an alert on their Dashboard and Things screens

And here are some improvements we’ve made:

• Fixed: Background image sometimes extends too far down left menu

• Fixed: When pairing select devices, the app will say it found a device but it is not a the correct device (displays unknown device)

• Fixed: Privacy Settings > Camera Off: Black screen/no messaging displays when attempting to use camera with camera privacy toggled

• Fixed: SmartSetup briefly flashes on screen before bringing the user to the Dashboard after Smart App configuration.

• Fixed: Left menu top nav does not fill the space to the right

• Fixed: Typo in warning screen if you attempt to add a phone as a mobile presence that is already a mobile presence

• Added: Manager Users: Success notification after inviting additional user

• Fixed: Inconsistent Keyboard behavior during logged out experience.

• Fixed: After first device, Not Yet Configured count doesn’t update after pairing until you exit SmartSetup

• Fixed: Pairing a new device from SmartApp won’t automatically select the paired device

• Fixed: Cropping custom photo for Device/Group photo layout issues on iPhone 6/6+

• Fixed: Getting Started Experience layout issues on iPhone 6/6+

• Fixed: Left Tray: “Currently mode is set to” not updating in realtime with mode changes

• Fixed: Holding and pressing the Shop Now icon causes the app to crash 100% of the time

• Fixed: Hub offline alert view shows multiple times per location

• Fixed: Custom location image does not scale to fill iPhone 6/6+

• Fixed: Z-Wave include mode is not restarted after a device joins

• Increased: Spacing between multiple line event center events

• Fixed: Crasher occurs when you change your password

• Fixed: Close button for group naming popup is in the wrong spot

• Fixed: Dropcam image viewer not working

• Fixed: Recently feed does not fill out entire screen on iPhone 6+