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New Compatible Devices

We’re excited to announce that five new devices are now compatible with the SmartThings open platform.

Each of these new devices will now appear in the SmartThings app under the Things category of SmartSetup. To connect them to your SmartThings Hub and account, simply tap “Connect New Device” in SmartSetup.

rsz_rsz_photo_1_19_1Connected Cree LED Bulb

Recently named one of the world’s 50-most innovative companies by Fast Company, Cree’s connected LED bulb can be now automated, controlled, and monitored directly from the SmartThings app.

The bulb has an estimated yearly cost of only $1.27, and will save homeowners and renters an average of $127 on electricity bills during its 25,000-hour lifetime. Best of all, with a cost of $14.97 at most Home Depot stores, the Connected Cree LED Bulb is just about the most affordable smart bulb on the market.


rsz_photo_2_19 (1)Fibaro Motion Sensor

The Fibaro Motion sensor is a Z-Wave device that will notify SmartThings customers whenever there’s unexpected motion in their home, while also monitoring temperature, light, and acceleration.

The device features an LED indicator on the front, and can illuminate different colors depending on whether motion or acceleration is detected. With a diameter of just 44-millimeters, its small size and sleek white frame will simultaneously blend in to the background of your home, while also keeping an eye on it.


rsz_photo_3_15 (1)Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

The Fibaro Door/Window sensor is a SmartThings-compatible Z-Wave device that can send you a notification when a door, window, cabinet, safe, garage door, or other object is opened or closed.

By integrating the Fibaro Door/Window sensor with your SmartThings setup, you can do things like know when kids come home from school and automatically turn on the lights, be alerted if there’s unexpected entry in your home and trigger an alarm to blare, secure dangerous or off-limit areas of your home like cleaning supply cabinets, and gain peace of mind by knowing when people come and go.


rsz_rsz_photo_1_20Fibaro Flood Sensor

The Fibaro Flood sensor is a SmartThings-compatible Z-Wave device that can detect water and send you an immediate alert on your smartphone if moisture is detected where it doesn’t belong. It can also measure temperature and send you notifications if the temperature rises above or drops below a certain level.

By integrating the Fibaro Flood sensor with SmartThings, you can do things like automatically shut off a water valve if there’s a leak, ring an alarm to notify you of a little water before it becomes a big problem, or automatically turn on a space heater or window A/C unit in response to unexpectedly hot or cold temperatures in areas of your home like a basement or study.

rsz_rsz_photo_4_8WeMo Smart LED Bulb

The WeMo Smart LED Bulb is a SmartThings-compatible ZigBee bulb that can be connected directly to your SmartThings Hub without the need for the WeMo Link bridge. In addition to being able to turn your lights on and off remotely, you can also dim and brighten this bulb.

SmartThings customers can turn their WeMo lights on and off from anywhere to make it look like they’re home, adjust them to set the mood, or automate them to come on and off at set times or when different events occur (such as a person arriving home or motion ceasing in a room).

The WeMo Smart LED bulb has an average annual cost of just $1.14 and an average life expectancy of 23 years–so you may want to include it in your will.

Here is a list of all products that have been tested by SmartThings and verified as compatible


SmartThings iOS Version 1.6.7 is Here

We’ve just released a new version of the SmartThings iOS app that’s available for free download in the iTunes store! This new version includes a handful of new features, as well as lots of fixes designed to improve overall performance.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

• A series of UI updates to optimize the app for iPhone 6 and 6+

• When a Hub isn’t connected to an account, users will now get an alert on their Dashboard and Things screens

And here are some improvements we’ve made:

• Fixed: Background image sometimes extends too far down left menu

• Fixed: When pairing select devices, the app will say it found a device but it is not a the correct device (displays unknown device)

• Fixed: Privacy Settings > Camera Off: Black screen/no messaging displays when attempting to use camera with camera privacy toggled

• Fixed: SmartSetup briefly flashes on screen before bringing the user to the Dashboard after Smart App configuration.

• Fixed: Left menu top nav does not fill the space to the right

• Fixed: Typo in warning screen if you attempt to add a phone as a mobile presence that is already a mobile presence

• Added: Manager Users: Success notification after inviting additional user

• Fixed: Inconsistent Keyboard behavior during logged out experience.

• Fixed: After first device, Not Yet Configured count doesn’t update after pairing until you exit SmartSetup

• Fixed: Pairing a new device from SmartApp won’t automatically select the paired device

• Fixed: Cropping custom photo for Device/Group photo layout issues on iPhone 6/6+

• Fixed: Getting Started Experience layout issues on iPhone 6/6+

• Fixed: Left Tray: “Currently mode is set to” not updating in realtime with mode changes

• Fixed: Holding and pressing the Shop Now icon causes the app to crash 100% of the time

• Fixed: Hub offline alert view shows multiple times per location

• Fixed: Custom location image does not scale to fill iPhone 6/6+

• Fixed: Z-Wave include mode is not restarted after a device joins

• Increased: Spacing between multiple line event center events

• Fixed: Crasher occurs when you change your password

• Fixed: Close button for group naming popup is in the wrong spot

• Fixed: Dropcam image viewer not working

• Fixed: Recently feed does not fill out entire screen on iPhone 6+

SmartThings iOS Version 1.6.6 is Here!

We’ve just released a new version of the SmartThings iOS app that’s available for free download in the iTunes store! This new version includes a handful of brand-new features, as well as lots of fixes designed to improve overall performance.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s what:

  • rsz_photopds

    There are several changes that make this latest this latest iOS version compatible with iOS 8.

  • You’ll now be able to pinch and zoom in to see PDF instruction manuals for devices listed in the “Things” category of SmartSetup. ––>

  • You will now receive proactive notifications in the app when there is an update available for your SmartThings Hub. This will ensure that you always know about the latest firmware update available.
  • If you’re trying to connect a new device and your Hub isn’t connected to an account, you’ll now get a notification in the SmartSetup area of the app alerting you that you need to activate an account.