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What Will Smart Homes Mean for You?

The Times of London recently published a 16-page fold-out section dedicated to smart technology. Among the features that caught our eye was this article that explores the question, “What Will Smart Homes Mean for You.” Read More

9 Ways A Smart Home Can Improve Your Life

Your phone is smart. Your kids are smart. Your home should be smart, too.
Now it can be.

Here are nine ways that a smart home can protect your family and property, save you money, and make you feel like a superhero by giving you powers you’ve only dreamed of. Read More

5 Ways Renters Can Create a Smart Home

Just because you didn’t drop a hefty downpayment on your home doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. From one renter to another: Here are five ways that you can transform your rental apartment, townhome, or house into a smart home that automatically reacts to your preferences each day, and saves you money each month. Read More