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Using Hello, Home + Modes

If your home could talk to you, what would it say? Answer: Whatever you want. That’s because the Hello, Home feature of the SmartThings app allows you to communicate with your home, teach it to react to your unique daily patterns, and then receive a message from your home telling you the different actions it’s performed based on your preferences. Read More

Getting Started with SmartThings

We’ve just put together the most complete and up-to-date guide to getting started with SmartThings in the history of ever: Welcome to SmartThings. Inside, you’ll find 23 different how-to posts and videos that guide you through everything from the unboxing and activation process to basic configurations in our Dashboard to advanced integrations with Sonos and Philips hue.

We’ve tailored each how-to post to address the most popular questions we receive. We hope that this new resource makes getting started with SmartThings even easier. Give it a look and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

The SmartThings Support Team