11 IFTTT Recipes for Spring

Between the daytime downpours, fluctuating forecasts, and pesky pollen counts, spring can be a fickle season. Here are 11 SmartThings recipes on IFTTT to help you march into spring well prepared.

Rainy? Turn on my outside lights!


April showers will bring May flowers. But this recipe will help you see the flowers when it’s dark and gloomy.

If I’m home, heat the house


For many of us, the start of spring comes with a long thaw. Use this recipe to help you melt away the winter blues.

Welcome to a cool home


…And after melting away the winter blues, use this recipe to help you keep your cool.

Strobe my SmartThings siren if category 1 hurricane winds are nearby


Hurricane season starts in late spring. Be alerted to any incoming mayhem with this recipe.

Call my phone if moisture is detected


Spring can produce sudden heavy downpours. Make sure the downpours soak your flowers (and not your floors) with this recipe.

Turn off a light when it’s daylight


As the sun shines longer each day, live green and save some green with this recipe.

Light up a cloudy day


Spring skies can be as fickle as spring temps. Look on the bright side with help from this recipe.

If pollen count gets high, turn SmartThings switch on


Use this recipe to turn on a lamp so that you can head out the door with just the right amount of tissues.

Don’t turn on my TV until I’ve walked over 10,000 steps


Fellas: Bikini season is just around the corner. Use this recipe to ensure that you hit the cardio before you hit the couch.

Every time I go to the kitchen log it to Evernote


Take your spring diet to a new level with this recipe.

Turn on a switch after weigh in


Whether you turn on your favorite song on the Sonos or start the blender, reward yourself for not skipping a weigh in with this recipe.

SmartThings + IFTTT

What do all of these things have in common?


Answer: They all work with SmartThings.

The SmartThings channel on IFTTT is packed with 224 valuable if-this-then-that recipes that let you seamlessly integrate your favorite products and online services with the everyday things around you.

Check it out, put the Internet to work for you, and start bridging the physical and digital worlds.