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How Our Family Uses SmartThings

“Our family lives in a full house with a lot going on: There are two parents, two kids, one cat, and one dog. We have been using SmartThings for about a year now to help keep our girls safe and keep our family on track. Read More

Hello, Smart Home: Sid & Kokil

When Sid and Kokil first moved to their new neighborhood, they heard some strange noises from the surrounding hills late at night. They turned to SmartThings to help monitor and secure their home from unwanted visitors–including the wild coyotes in the area (eek!). Read More

How to: Wire an Evolve Relay Switch

Two weeks ago, we announced a new addition to the Doors & Locks section of the SmartThings Dashboard that made it easier than ever to monitor and control your garage door. As our maker-in-residence, Danny, explained in the post’s video, you’ll need to install a relay switch to be able to open and close your garage door.

A big thanks to @RandyBenn for offering the above visual showing how you can hook up a SmartThings-compatible Evolve relay switch–which is available in our Shop. Hope this inspires a quick and easy weekend DIY project! Read More

Getting Started with SmartThings

We’ve just put together the most complete and up-to-date guide to getting started with SmartThings in the history of ever: Welcome to SmartThings. Inside, you’ll find 23 different how-to posts and videos that guide you through everything from the unboxing and activation process to basic configurations in our Dashboard to advanced integrations with Sonos and Philips hue.

We’ve tailored each how-to post to address the most popular questions we receive. We hope that this new resource makes getting started with SmartThings even easier. Give it a look and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

The SmartThings Support Team