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December 26, 2023

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December 26, 2023

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December 15, 2023

Q&A: SmartThings and TP-Link UK on How To Simplify Your Connected Life​

Picture this: You slept through your alarm, and now you have to get ready for work in a rush. Quickly, you put on a pot of coffee, iron your clothes, throw everything you need in a bag, and head to the office. Phew, you’re still going to be on time. But wait! Did you unplug the coffee pot? The iron? Turn off all the lights?  You break out into a cold sweat—but then you remember all your appliances are plugged into the SmartThings-compatible TP-Link Smart Plug, and you breathe a sigh of relief, open the SmartThings app, and turn off anything you left on with a simple tap. That’s only the beginning of how TP-Link works with SmartThings. A leading global provider of Wi-Fi devices and more, TP-Link offers the Matter-certified Tapo smart plug, allowing users to control their appliances conveniently, sustainably, and safely.  In our latest X (Twitter) Q&A, we chatted with TP-Link UK to discuss our partnership, how their products work with SmartThings, and more. Browse the highlights below, or keep reading for the full conversation.  The Highlights SmartThings: How does your smart plug work with SmartThings? TP-Link UK: SmartHome owners can connect their appliances to the Tapo smart plug. They don’t even have to be smart appliances! For example, you can control the lights on your Christmas tree this holiday!  Then, in the SmartThings app, users can go into SmartThings Energy to track the energy use of these devices and see electricity bill estimates. No more surprises!  TP-Link UK: Safety is another major concern for users today. How does SmartThings ensure our users avoid the risks that come with everyday appliances? SmartThings: Who hasn’t asked themselves halfway to work, “Did I unplug the iron?” The SmartThings app puts your mind at ease. Simply preset a schedule to auto-manage your devices so they turn off after it’s left on for a set time.  SmartThings: We’d love to know where TP-LINK sees the smart home space heading in the next 5-10 years.  TP-Link UK: We see the future of smart homes as smart and non-smart products all working together seamlessly, no matter who makes them!  Our full conversation with TP-Link UK SmartThings: We’ve got some burning questions for you! First up, what makes TP-Link different? TP-Link UK: Thanks for having us. We are the world’s number 1 provider of Wi-Fi devices to consumers across the globe. The user experience drives everything we do, so we design and build all our networking devices in-house. We’re excited to say that our Tapo smart plug now works with SmartThings Energy!  SmartThings: We’re thrilled to partner with you! How does your smart plug work with SmartThings? TP-Link UK: SmartHome owners can connect their appliances to the Tapo smart plug. They don’t even have to be smart appliances! For example, you can control the lights on your Christmas tree this holiday!  Then, in the SmartThings app, users can go into SmartThings Energy to track the energy use of these devices and see electricity bill estimates. No more surprises!  TP-Link UK: Beyond access to the game-changing SmartThings Energy, what are the other benefits of using the Tapo smart plug with the SmartThings app?  SmartThings: Energy bill surprises are the worst! The SmartThings app lets you turn your plugged-in appliances on and off wherever you are. That way, you only use the devices you need when you need them! Goodbye, wasted energy.  SmartThings: Let’s talk about another matter…Matter! How does TP-Link work with Matter-certified devices, and why is that important? TP-Link UK: TP-Link’s Tapo Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug is our first Matter-certified product available to customers today, with more to come! The Tapo smart plug will work seamlessly with other Matter devices, such as the SmartThings Station, Samsung Family Hub Fridge, and smart TVs, and setting it up is a breeze! Here’s how: You scan a provided QR code with your phone, and the plug will immediately configure to your home network. Smart living should be easy! TP-Link UK: We’ve covered sustainability and convenience. Safety is another major concern for users today. How does SmartThings ensure our users avoid the risks that come with everyday appliances? SmartThings: Who hasn’t asked themselves halfway to work, “Did I unplug the iron?” The SmartThings app puts your mind at ease. Simply preset a schedule to auto-manage your devices so they turn off after it’s left on for a set time.  SmartThings: This was so fun! But before we wrap, we’d love to know where TP-LINK sees the smart home space heading in the next 5-10 years.  TP-Link UK: Yes! We see the future of smart homes as smart and non-smart products all working together seamlessly, no matter who makes them!  SmartThings: A huge thank you to our partners at TP-LINK UK for chatting with us today!  TP-Link UK: Thank you for having us SmartThings! On that note, we wanted to give your followers a limited-time offer on our Tapo smart plug for SmartThings users! Get an exclusive 5-pack bundle today: Learn more about TP-Link’s smart home brand, Tapo, here:
November 28, 2023

Homeowner Sustainability Gets Powered Up With Loop EV Chargers, Joining “Works With SmartThings” Ecosystem

With the rapid surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption, we’re excited that Loop Global, a leading provider of EV chargers, is now available via the SmartThings app, allowing homeowners to seamlessly integrate Loop chargers within the SmartThings ecosystem. With this integration, homeowners gain the ability to effortlessly control their Loop chargers, such as the EV-FlexTM, through the SmartThings app or voice commands. This empowers users to start/stop and monitor charge sessions, view their charging history, and track energy consumption. The result is a more comprehensive home energy profile that not only supports sustainable living but also provides valuable insights into energy usage patterns. Loop stands out as the first EV charging company within the SmartThings network, reflecting both company’s commitments to quality, user satisfaction, and innovation. Loop and SmartThings continue to lead the way in driving innovative, user-centric solutions for a more sustainable future. Thanks to SmartThings Energy, a comprehensive energy management solution within the SmartThings app, users can connect their EV chargers to make smarter energy decisions that could reduce their carbon footprint.  At the same time, Loop is dedicated to providing homeowners with the most advanced and user-friendly charging solutions, furthering its vision of a superior charging experience for the sustainable future of transportation. This partnership amplifies the accessibility and convenience of Loop chargers, while also highlighting SmartThings’ commitment to sustainable partnerships, setting new benchmarks in quality and user satisfaction. For more about Loop Global and Works With SmartThings (WWST) certified products, please visit  For more information on Loop EV charging solutions please visit 
October 11, 2023

Samsung Introduces Revolutionary Tools for SmartThings Ecosystem Developers, Paving the Way for Innovation

At the 2023 Samsung Developer Conference, Samsung unveiled a suite of cutting-edge tools and features for SmartThings, Samsung’s global connected living platform. Designed to reimagine the experience for SmartThings Ecosystem Developers, these advancements not only create new opportunities for innovation and growth, but also seamlessly integrate Samsung's Technology experiences across its diverse portfolio of products. Building on the success of the 2022 Matter launch, SmartThings is poised to usher in a new era of possibilities as the market prepares to welcome millions of new smart home devices. As a pioneer in the smart home industry and one of the first to receive Matter certification, Samsung is proud to introduce a range of user-centric solutions designed to streamline device registration, expedite Works With SmartThings (WWST) Certification, and elevate the integration experience within the Samsung ecosystem. The enhancements will include an all-new Developer Center, a one-stop shop with resources and education for device integration. As part of this, Samsung is introducing a ‘No Code Wizard’ for Edge Drivers - including Matter devices - that helps match devices with the correct device UI in under 15 minutes, creating a more seamless process. Navigating the developer landscape is further simplified through the new Certification Console, which is tailored for Hub and Cloud-Connected devices. “Samsung has always valued input from its developer ecosystem and as a result, SmartThings has invested heavily in enhancements for device creators seeking Works with SmartThings Certification,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics and Head of SmartThings. "These innovative tools underscore our commitment to providing developers with a dynamic platform that encourages creativity, fosters business growth, and ultimately enhances user experiences.” In addition to technical and certification benefits, the Certification Console will allow device makers to easily submit product images, descriptions, information, and preferred retail links. These assets will both help users set up their devices in Quick Pair on Galaxy phones, and populate the device Catalog on both and in the app, where consumers can seamlessly browse for and purchase certified devices. Additionally, developers can update retail links and access an analytics dashboard to gain insights into customer engagement. For more information on these dynamic developer tools, visit
October 5, 2023

Unlocking Seamless Connectivity: SmartThings Offers Support for Third-Party Matter Bridges 

In the ever-evolving world of smart home technology, compatibility and connectivity are paramount. The ability to seamlessly integrate different devices and platforms is what makes the smart home experience truly smart. At SmartThings, we constantly work to expand our ecosystem and ensure users have the flexibility to choose, connect, and control a wide range of devices. Today, we are thrilled to take that commitment a major step further by announcing support for third-party Matter bridges.  What Are Matter Bridges?  Matter bridges are a critical piece of the puzzle when creating a unified and interoperable smart home ecosystem. They serve as connectors, allowing device makers with non-Matter devices (such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, and proprietary connectivity) to seamlessly integrate with Matter ecosystems. These bridges represent non-Matter devices on a Matter network, and vice versa, acting as translators to facilitate communication between devices on either side of the bridge. Many popular brands have announced their hubs — including millions already in homes today — will act as Matter bridges, allowing SmartThings users to connect hundreds of new devices.  A Seamless Integration Experience  One of the key benefits of SmartThings' support for third-party Matter bridges is the effortless onboarding process. When users commission Matter bridges to SmartThings, we take care of the heavy lifting by automatically onboarding all bridged devices, ensuring a hassle-free setup.  We also continually synchronize with the bridge, so that if a user adds or removes a bridged device in your app, SmartThings responds immediately, updating to reflect those changes. This real-time synchronization ensures users always have an accurate view of their smart home.  Expanding Reach with Works With SmartThings  We know developers are eager to reach a broader audience. That's why we're excited to announce support for bridges is also coming to the Works With SmartThings program. This expansion creates new opportunities for developers to promote bridges and bridge-connected devices to millions of Samsung users.  With Works With SmartThings, manufacturers can promote their products to a vast and diverse community of users who are looking to start and grow their smart homes. It's a powerful platform for showcasing devices and driving adoption among users who value compatibility and interoperability with their Samsung devices and SmartThings-powered homes.  SmartThings' support for third-party Matter bridges gives users more choices in the devices they enable their smart home with and gives developers more choices in how they integrate those devices. We're proud to continue leading interoperability and openness in the smart home industry and invite developers to join us on our journey. Interested in learning more? Contact us at
October 5, 2023

Expanding the Smart Home Universe With ‘Hub Everywhere’ 

At SmartThings, we believe your smart home should work effortlessly for you. Our innovative "Hub Everywhere" strategy ensures Matter Controllers are more accessible than ever, making it easier for everyone to start and grow their smart home with SmartThings. We take immense pride in offering an extensive range of devices that seamlessly function as Matter Controllers, from our Samsung TVs and Family Hub Refrigerators to Smart Monitors, SmartThings Stations, and our original SmartThings Hubs. This year, we’ve added Samsung Soundbars and Harman speakers to the Hub Everywhere family. Greater Hub Versatility   Our Hub, available in various forms, operates on Hub-Core technology. It serves as the Matter Controller, an OTA-Provider, and the central hub for Edge Drivers that streamline the management of Matter devices. The "Hub Everywhere" approach allows users to incorporate multiple hubs into their home setup, enriching the overall smart home experience.  Creating a Multi-Hub Network  Starting with the SmartThings Station, users can now create a multi-hub network in their home, adding additional hubs to their primary one, which becomes part of the Thread mesh. Doing so allows Matter devices to connect to the most optimal or closest hub, extending the range and reliability of their network. This will allow users to put more devices in more places around their homes while experiencing the reliability and responsiveness of local connectivity.  Introducing Hub Replace  We’re also excited to announce one of our most requested and highly anticipated features, Hub Replace. With SmartThings Hub functionality built into more devices, users may want to upgrade their SmartThings setup to a new hub. Hub Replace enables users to transfer everything from their current hub to a new one while keeping their existing setup intact. With Hub Replace, all devices, the Hub's Matter fabric, Edge Drivers Data, Routines, and other Hub Settings, along with their Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Thread networks if supported by the receiving hub, will be seamlessly transferred and applied to the new hub with just a few quick taps.  With these innovations, SmartThings is simplifying hub upgrades and enabling users to seamlessly continue growing and evolving their smart homes. 
October 5, 2023

Developers Are Building the Next Era of Smart Homes and Buildings with new SmartThings APIs

At SDC2023, SmartThings announced three new APIs, empowering developers of all kinds to leverage SmartThings’ robust infrastructure as a platform for their innovative solutions. The SmartThings APIs serve as the foundation for building solutions that interact with SmartThings infrastructure effortlessly. Whether building an app, device, or platform, SmartThings APIs streamline the process, making building connected solutions more efficient and accessible. The new SmartThings APIs announced are: The SmartThings Home API  — With the Home API, developers’ apps can directly interface with devices connected to SmartThings hubs, letting you create applications that offer seamless device management whether users are local or remote.The Home API eliminates the demands of building and maintaining your own cloud or Matter Controller by using SmartThings’ hub and cloud infrastructure as your own. And you don’t have to make tradeoffs between efficiency and innovation. The Home API allows you to pass custom features to your app using "Manufacturer Specific Clusters". The SmartThings Context API — This powerful tool unlocks the benefit of SmartThings’ new Intelligence Platform, and an exciting new level of automations for users. Harnessing AI, sensing, and connected devices to infer context-like presence and frequent activities allows SmartThings to recommend new and helpful experiences that increase engagement with your devices.The Context API allows developers to receive inference results in real time, and use them to help their devices respond more intelligently. Intelligence Platform features and developer access is always subject to user consent, and developer terms and conditions. The SmartThings Enterprise API — The Enterprise API enables developers building solutions for multi-family, rental, and hospitality environments, to leverage SmartThings’ infrastructure and ecosystem, including Samsung appliances, to cost-effectively build and deploy scalable solutions. Enhancing SmartThings Build, the Enterprise API offers full programmatic access so you can build your own platform and app, without requiring individual SmartThings accounts. And your platform can be more flexible than ever, with role-based policies defining access from the device level up, allowing you to adapt to the needs of different customers. Location groups and large-scale access tokens further enhance scalability of your solutions and the businesses you support. The new SmartThings APIs represent a significant step forward in the smart home ecosystem. Developers of consumer smart home devices and apps, as well as smart building and MDU solutions providers, now have access to a robust infrastructure that simplifies development, enhances user and property manager experiences, and saves valuable resources. Whether looking to control devices locally or remotely, leverage AI to make your devices behave more intelligently, SmartThings enables you to build smarter, scalable products, while letting you invest more in doing what you do best — developing innovative solutions for smart homes. Developers interested in gaining early access to these new SmartThings APIs can contact
September 7, 2023

SmartThings Energy: New Partnerships and Enhanced User Experience Features 

In today's fast-paced world, where energy consumption is a pressing concern, we’re leading the charge in revolutionizing energy management—and are excited to introduce a range of new features for our SmartThings Energy service. These enhancements are designed to give you greater control over your energy usage and redefine the way you interact with your smart home, all while ensuring convenience and efficiency. Read on to learn what’s new with SmartThings Energy. Electricity Maps Partnership We’ve teamed up with Electricity Maps, a renowned service that provides visual representations of electricity sources and associated carbon dioxide emissions. Through the integration of Electricity Maps within the SmartThings app, you can learn about your electricity’s origin and carbon footprint with ease, and use this data to make informed decisions about your energy usage. Start taking the next step towards more eco-conscious living. Expansion of Supported Devices In addition to supporting connected Samsung appliances, TVs, and third-party devices, SmartThings Energy is now also compatible with most smart plugs, thermostats, and lights. With this expansion, we’ve made it easy for users to connect a broader range of energy-consuming devices with their "Away" mode. Rest assured that your devices are automatically turned off when not in use, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Enhanced Automatic Demand Response (DR) Functionality Our SmartThings Energy update comes with advanced automatic Demand Response (DR) features, allowing users enrolled in energy savings programs to manage their devices more intelligently. Before, users would receive notifications of a DR event and manually adjust their devices or set up automations.  Now, with the latest update, you can set up your smart devices and SmartThings Energy will automatically adjust them, turning off lights or plugs, and activating more economical modes for thermostats or Samsung appliances that feature AI Energy Mode. Partnership with Resideo to Unlock Energy Savings If you live in California, you’re in luck. SmartThings Energy users in The Golden State can now enroll their homes with Resideo's energy program to enjoy cash rewards. By participating in the program, you can receive up to $100 via gift card when you're approved for the program. Energy costs are at their highest, however, our partnership with Resideo lets you earn rewards for reducing energy use when the grid needs it most, helping your community's grid reliability. Enhanced User Experience and Energy Savings With a dedication to innovation and a greener future, we’re taking energy management to the next level. Our SmartThings Energy updates and partnerships were designed to give you greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to managing your smart home devices, ultimately leading to significant energy (and financial) savings. And this is just the beginning. To unlock the full suite of energy management capabilities, activate SmartThings Energy in the SmartThings App, or visit to learn more.
August 29, 2023

Do the SmartThings with Son Heung-min

At SmartThings, we believe in living a connected, simple, and efficient life—and we're not alone. Just ask global soccer star Son Heung-min! From entertainment to exercise, Son uses SmartThings to simplify his daily routine and enjoy that much-needed "me-time"—all while saving energy. Check out how below. Learn more at or try it out for yourself on the SmartThings app. #DoTheSmartThings