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SmartThings + IFTTT

What do all of these things have in common?


Answer: They all work with SmartThings.

The SmartThings channel on IFTTT is packed with 224 valuable if-this-then-that recipes that let you seamlessly integrate your favorite products and online services with the everyday things around you.

Check it out, put the Internet to work for you, and start bridging the physical and digital worlds.

Better Parenting with SmartThings

Bryan purchased SmartThings to help automate his lights, save energy, and control the temperature in his home from anywhere. But over time, the greatest benefit of SmartThings has been one that he never expected: helping he and his busy wife with their two young children. Read More

3 New Companies Embracing the Open Platform

At SmartThings, we’ve always believed that the digitization, connectivity, and programmability of the physical world around us will become the next life-altering evolution of the Internet. But in order for it to become truly valuable, we believe that the Physical Graph should be open. The great work done by the many developers in our open community is a testament to this belief, as is the growing number of SmartThings Labs integrations.

Today, we’d like to highlight three companies who are also embracing the notion of the open platform and have created their own voice-activated integrations with SmartThings. Read More

Meet a SmartThings Developer: Todd Wackford

Not only is SmartThings compatible with hundreds of smart devices from a variety of manufacturers, but it also supports a growing community of developers. By collaborating with other developers on the Build forum and inventing new ways to use SmartThings, this community is propelling the open platform for the Programmable World forward, and creating limitless possibilities for all SmartThings customers.

In the first installment of a new series shining the spotlight on developers in our Build community, we’re going to get to know Todd Wackford, the architect behind the Quirky and TCP Lighting integrations we announced today. Read More