Your routines, even smarter

A smart home should be a dynamic home that can adapt to everyone’s needs. SmartThings Scenes gives you the opportunity to create customized scenarios within a routine, to create an intuitive smart home experience based on you!

How it works:

Scenes are the best way to control a group of lights to create the perfect mood for any room in your home. You can group multiple bulbs, switches and outlets in a single Scene. For example, you can dim one bulb, change the color of another, and turn off a switch at the same time with a single command.

With the launch of scenes for SmartThings, you can do more with smart lighting in your home by instantly activating customizable lighting actions for multiple lights at once. A Scene is like a routine – only better. With a Scene you can create “Homework Lighting” within an “After School Routine” that starts at 4pm when the kids come home. Your color tunable smart bulbs can be programmed to be bright white during that time of day in the kitchen, den, and dining room – all at once – for ultimate concentration. At sundown, a Scene can activate warmer lighting for optimal relaxation during a “dinner time” routine. Scenes can be triggered via app or voice, so when life hands you those moments where you need to be hands free (‘dinner time’) you can still set your lighting to your preferences through Scenes.

What if you need lighting even more customized? With Scenes, you are able to create a Bedtime Scene to turn off your bedroom’s ceiling lights, turn your night light on, and set its color temperature to warm white. Not a morning person? Set a Wake Up Scene to change the color of your bedroom bulbs and use a Good Morning Routine to activate the Scene automatically.

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  • DebrodeD

    I’m confused, couldn’t I already do all this with routines?

    • TerryGauchat

      Scenes are more specialized. They allow you to set the specific brightness and colors of *each* selected light. Also a “Scene” is a self-contained reusable unit that you can call from any Routine and from any Smart Lighting instance. So … yes – there’s overlap, but you can now “clean-up” your Routines and extract the parts that belong in a Scene.

      Unfortunately, unlike Routines, a Scene cannot yet be called directly from another SmartApp (except for Smart Lighting). That means a Scene must be assigned to a Routine to be used in common SmartApps, including ActionTiles. Here’s our KB article on the subject:

  • Joel Rybacki

    When is this being rolled out for Android devices?