Welcome Lutron to SmartThings!

We’re bringing you an exciting addition to the long list of devices that already work with SmartThings: let’s welcome Lutron to SmartThings!

Lutron Caséta switches, dimmers, and innovative remote controlled shades now integrate seamlessly into your SmartThings home, your smart home can be more versatile than ever.

Google Home or Amazon Alexa can control Caséta lights through SmartThings, SmartThings sensors can trigger your shades or lights to respond to you automatically, and much more; the possibilities are almost endless!

Want to start using this integration? Using Lutron with SmartThings requires the SmartThings hub and the Lutron Caséta Bridge.To add your Lutron devices, use the SmartThings app and choose Marketplace and then sign into your Lutron account.

We’re committed to giving you the most flexible, compatible and smartest smart home, Lutron support in SmartThings allows you to go even further now.


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