SmartThings now supports Lock Codes

SmartThings now lets you create unique lock codes for your family members and regular visitors to access your home without sacrificing security or control. To give you a total peace of mind, SmartThings can alert you when a lock code gets added, updated, or removed. And, you’ll always know who is coming and going …

Here are some of the features of Smart Locks, which you can install from Marketplace and access on the Dashboard.

Create and name lock codes, and assign them to a lock

Share the lock code with a visitor via SMS

Check the status of all locks in one glance

Lock all locks in one place








Know when a lock was unlocked manually or using a code, and when a code is added, updated, or removed

To get started, install Smart Locks from Marketplace > SmartApps > SmartThings Recommends. Then head to the Dashboard to manage your locks! For more detailed steps, check out this guide.


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  1. This is great. The app worked without any major problems. I had to repair the locks to get status updates but that was minor. My question/concern is that there is no way to change a code without deleting the old code and then adding a new one. Am I correct in this or did I miss something?

  2. Super helpful! I was using an ad hoc solution and it was functional but wonky. So nice to have it built-in, especially for triggering notifications for specific door codes. Here are a few thoughts to make it better:

    1. Right now, door codes can only be set up on one door at a time. We have 5 connected doors, and when our parents visit or cousin stays at our home with our pets for us, we need to set up their user codes 5 times… instead, allow us to create door codes once in the app, then check the boxes of the doors we want them to apply to. Same goes for deleting or deactivating combos – it’s incredibly cumbersome.

    2. Once a lock code is created, we need the ability to see and edit it. Right now, after a code is created you can not see it nor edit it. You can only change the name or delete it. Editing is important in a few scenarios:
    A) When we have set up door locks on 6 doors (one by one), then the code gets compromised and we need to change the code for the same person? Right now we need to delete all 6, then re-create and re-name all 6.
    B) What if a door lock code does not work and we need to troubleshoot why? We have no way of checking to see if we just didn’t type in the right combo or entered the digits incorrectly when we made the combo, because we can not see it after creating it.
    C) Contractors (for one example) will work with us on an ongoing basis and will never remember their codes, needing it to be re-sent to them every time. We then have to delete their access (one by one, from every door…) and set up new ones now because we can not just look at their code and re-send it to them. For examples of door code management done well in-app, see Kwikset Premis’s app. It’s perfect, and gives me every functionality I need to manage our door codes on the go.
    D) We always have one “burner code” programmed in our home in case something comes up last minute requiring us to give access to someone on the fly. We set it up in advance since sometimes ST still has outages/down times and we want it to be failsafe. We may want to use the burner a year after creating it, but obviously we won’t have it memorized and will need to be able to look at it to remember what it is.

    3. When entering a new lock code, the first field asks for “who will be using it.” This is great, but it does not save. As soon as you save the new code, it somehow renames itself to “code 6”, and you have to go back into rename it. Guessing this is just a bug you already know about and are working on.

    4. On the Smart Locks –> Status view, it would be helpful to be able to tap the lock name and be taken to that lock’s details screen. Right now, we can view it but we can’t click through to the lock device details (where we’d be able to view “Right Now,” “Recently,” and “SmartApps.”

  3. I am using a Samsung S3 smartphone and Schlage Smart Connect Lock. There’s a bug on the Smartthings app: on the Lock Codes tab, when I try to rename, add, or SMS a new pincode, the window where I type is off-centre, and I am not able to scroll down to click accept or cancel. Can anyone help troubleshoot is bug?


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