3 New Companies Embracing the Open Platform

At SmartThings, we’ve always believed that the digitization, connectivity, and programmability of the physical world around us will become the next life-altering evolution of the Internet. But in order for it to become truly valuable, we believe that the Physical Graph should be open. The great work done by the many developers in our open community is a testament to this belief, as is the growing number of SmartThings Labs integrations.

Today, we’d like to highlight three companies who are also embracing the notion of the open platform and have created their own voice-activated integrations with SmartThings.


Ubi, a Wi-Fi-enabled “ubiquitous computer,” unveiled an integration today that promises to trigger your connected SmartThings by using voice commands.


Ivee, another voice-activated home assistant promises to be the ears of your smart home by integrating with SmartThings. On April 2, they announced the following on their Facebook page:

We’ve completed an initial SmartThings integration. We know that many of you are very excited to use ivee with SmartThings, so we want to make it clear that this is just the beginning! We plan to support several new capabilities per week until we have comprehensive support for the SmartThings API. If you have a SmartThings account, please link it to your ivee account and give it a whirl! We are eager to hear what you think.


On April 10, Shortcut–which TechCrunch dubbed a “Siri-Like App for the Internet of Things”–debuted another way to control all of your connected devices using your voice.

Has anyone tried these integrations yet? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know in how you like them in the the comments section below. Thanks! 


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  1. I tried to get in on the beta of Ubi and they wanted $250 per device for me to help them flush out their bugs. I wasn’t real impressed with that. I’m starting to play with Shortcut and looking at ivee.


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