The New SmartThings Android App Has Arrived

We’re happy to announce that the new and improved SmartThings Android app and experience is here! We’d like to thank the hundreds of Android customers whose valuable feedback during the closed beta testing has helped to shape and improve the app experience.

The newly enhanced Android app makes it easier to get started, add SmartThings devices and other popular smart products, and use the app to customize all of the smart objects in your home. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve done to help you get more value out of SmartThings:


Connect & customize devices, see what’s happening at home, and control things from the Dashboard.

Dashboard: Discover, Configure, Monitor

Among the first new features in the new SmartThings experience that you’ll notice is a brand-new Dashboard. The Dashboard is where you can connect new devices, customize existing devices, see what is happening in your home, and control your connected things. It is organized into five categories that capture the most-common SmartThings use cases: Home & Family, Doors & Locks, Lights & Switches, Danger & Damages, and Motion.

When you first see the Dashboard, it will display instructional cards that highlight what is possible within each category. By tapping on the gear icon to the right of each category, you’ll see easy-to-follow prompts that make it a breeze to get your smart devices to do what you want. These prompts capture the most common SmartApps that customers have downloaded. So in most cases, you can customize everything directly from the Dashboard and won’t have to search for the SmartApp that fits your needs. (Note: SmartApps are still available. Just tap on the top-left Menu to open ‘em up.)

After configuring your devices, you can see what’s happening within each category at a glance, and also control lights, locks, and other devices–directly from the Dashboard.


Tap the heartbeat icon (top-right) to access the Activity Feed.

Hello, Home: Customize, Communicate, Adapt

One of our favorite parts of the new SmartThings experience is called Hello, Home. As the name implies, Hello, Home lets you customize your home to react to your unique daily patterns, and also tell it what you’re up to so it can adapt when your plans and routines change. For those of you who are familiar with “Modes,” Hello, Home makes it much easier to change modes automatically or on the go.

Start by customizing your home to automatically do certain things (or stop doing certain things) when you’re home, away, or asleep. When SmartThings either changes modes or performs different actions at a set time, the app will send you a message. These messages let you see what’s happening in your home now, and what’s happened recently. You can also send your home messages like “I’m back!” or “Goodbye!” and it will automatically adapt to your preferences.

Activity Feed: A Heart Monitor of Your Home

The “Activity Feed” is found within “Hello, Home.” Here, you can easily see what is happening at a glance with all of your connected devices, see how they’re interacting with each other, and get instant alerts at the first sign of excess water, tampering, or danger.

menu things dashboard-config

A Note to Existing Users

For those who already have SmartThings, you may be wondering, “How do I find my connected things? Are my SmartApps gone? Do I need to reconfigure everything?” The short answer is all your Things and SmartApps will continue to work the way they have previously. You can use the left-hand menu at any time to switch from the Dashboard to the tile-based view of all your Things.

That said, your Things won’t be visible in the Dashboard until you have configured the Dashboard. And to make that migration as easy as possible, you will notice that they can “auto import devices” within the Home & Family and Lights & Switches categories with a simple push of a button. Easy peasy. And totally worth it.

The new app is filled with tons of instructional screens to guide you through the new setup process step by step. Once you’re up and running, we think you’ll find that it offers a much smoother, easier experience. And if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Thanks for all of your feedback and support. We will continue to improve our Android app, and are committed to delivering a SmartThings experience that takes advantage of Android’s unique features. We hope you enjoy this latest iteration.

The SmartThings Product Team