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Thanks to everyone attending the Samsung Developers Conference who joined us for our SmartThings sessions and stopped by our pavilion! It was thrilling to meet so many of you, share your passion for creating new products and services on our open platform, and discuss your suggestions for making SmartThings even better. We were gratified to see so many developers create their first SmartThings-compatible apps in our workshop, and visit our desk to ask us about opportunities for joining the team. We’re just as grateful to all the partners, SmartThings developers, and feature wall participants (full list here) who helped make our event possible, while also showing developers all the inspiring devices and services already created with SmartThings.

Our eight sessions were also packed. Here are a few selected highlights:

    • Our SmartThings Fireside Chat with CEO Alex Hawkinson, CPO Dora Hsu, and our new SVP of Engineering, Robert Parker, brought up interesting points on the future on connected devices, and our plans for the platform — including monetization options for developers.
    • Our SmartThings Developer Panel moderated by Tim Slagle and Jody Albritton introduced several talented developers from our community and discussed its importance for the future of the platform.
    • “How Might We…,” a panel hosted by Mark Yoshitake and Ramon Alvarez, challenged developers in the audience to divide up into teams to brainstorm ways to make smart homes less intimidating to non-tech consumers. Ideas included a virtual reality-based tutorial, gamified rewards, and customized SmartApps for each family member.

Finally, our SmartThings Partner Panel — featuring Rob Beaver of ADT, Amir Pelleg of Amazon Dash, Leslie Drewery of Breezie, Michael Deschamps of Philips, and Ken Kraus of Yale Locks — highlighted ways in which these companies are using SmartThings for their own devices and services:

“Amazon Dash Replenishment is a service that enables connected devices to automatically order physical goods from Amazon when supplies are running low, helping customers never run out of their everyday essentials without having to think or actively shop for them,” said Amir Pelleg, Director, Amazon Dash. “We’re eliminating a burdensome experience for customers, thus making connected devices part of the Internet of USEFUL things.”

“Our vision for ADT Canopy is to provide the highest level of security for anyone, everywhere, anytime, across this connected world, and for their physical and digital lives,” said Rob Beaver, VP of Technology and Innovation at ADT. “We are doing this by initially building an ecosystem of innovative Smart Security partner solutions who deliver peace of mind through integrating ADT Canopy’s monitoring services into their own user experiences. With the explosion of the connected home and IoT markets, consumers have more points of interaction and possibly more points of vulnerability. Our goal is to help provide end-to-end protection through popular but secure devices, platforms and user experiences— the baseline across the IoT landscape will be ADT Canopy.”

We have many more events and news to announce soon, so please stay in touch. Follow us on Twitter @smartthingsdev for updates, and join our developer community’s online forum.

#SmartThingsSDC partners, developers and feature wall participants:

SmartThings Partner Panel

ADT, Amazon Dash, Breezie, Philips, Yale

SmartThings Partner Pavilion

ADT, Bose, Fibaro, Home.ai, Honeywell, LifX, NetGear Arlo, Philips, Yale

SmartThings Developer Panel

Patrick Stuart with Live Code Fridays, Alex Malikov & Terry Gauchat with SmartTiles.click, Nathan Cauffman with Spruce Water.

SmartThings Feature Wall

ADT, Honeywell, Philips, Yale, Netgear, Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, LifX, Samsung Techwin, Ring, Bose, Scout, First Alert, SkyBell, Leviton, Fibaro

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  1. Did anyone talk about the usability and functionality of the current infrastructure? Or increasing the reliability of the platform?

  2. I guess i’m asking what Zack Duchene is asking as well. Did anyone talk about the fact that everytime you have an update, your users have to reset most of their products? I dread your updates. You always tell us it’s going to make the system more stable and work out some bugs, but it just adds more problems. You guys need to start with the basics before you start adding new products and programs. Good basics to start with would be to get rid of your current support system and allow customers to talk to a support tech on the phone or live through the internet. As it is right now, you ask for help, sometimes wait for a week for a response, the tech asks questions you have already explained, and then the customer answers those questions and is forced to wait another few days for another response! Frustrating!!! The whole situation could be solved in minutes, not weeks!!! I still have issues with my cameras that have never been solved. It takes too damn long to solve!!!!

    Please, don’t worry about adding new products right now. Just make what you have better. The Smarthings hub is an amazing product when it is working properly, but it’s filled with bugs. I’ve had my hub for nearly a year now and it’s been a love/hate kind of thing. I have NEVER had a problem with a single Samsung product I have and I am a huge supporter of the company. I know that the company always stands for quality. I even saw that the company is ranked in the top 10 for customer satisfaction by a major U.S. poll. Smarthings is not like any true Samsung product I own. I am hoping that quality that is Samsung will filter down to your company that Samsung has purchased. Add staff to the Smarthings group and brainstorm on fixing what’s wrong with the company now and with what is involved therein. Right now you seem like a small company owned by a larger, better company. It feels so obvious that you are not like most of Samsung. I love Smarthings, when it works, so I will remain hopeful that you guys will start working like all my other Samsung products.

    Thank you for listening.


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