SmartThings Wins 2015 CES Editor’s Choice Award

We’re excited to announce that SmartThings was honored as a 2015 CES Editor’s Choice Award winner! The voting process took place in a closed-room session earlier this week with the editorial staff.

Take a look at the full list of winners, and see what the voters had to say about SmartThings:

“New Partners and a New Hub Make SmartThings Better Than Ever”

“Samsung’s SmartThings platform promises to connect you to all sorts of devices via the so-called Internet of Things. With a new hub, new partnerships with companies like Chamberlain and Honeywell, and a commitment to increased connectivity from Samsung products in the future, SmartThings is a smart choice for those interested in smart homes.” –

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  1. Congratulations on winning the 2015 CES Editor’s Choice Award!
    Best, team

  2. Concept is great but in reality my experience has been utter frustration and disappointment with ST

    • Can you elaborate?

      • Hub going offline numerous times have just replaced it. App crashing almost everytime I use it, when it doesn’t crash it doesn’t work, using Samsung galaxy. Contrary to ST advertisement does not work properly, or at all, with wemo, hue and was told this by st after the fact.It is not the devices as they work perfect with their own apps and IFTTT, hell even the ST devices were not working at times with the st hub. Schlage door lock unlocks at random times without any input from me, so very unsecure. Samsung Galaxy phone, useless as is the iPhone with ST. Kind of ironic that the Samsung phone will not work properly with the st app or hub. I can understand somewhat for iPhone. I have replaced hub, started the whole thing over and now it is worse than ever. Check the st community forum and you can see for yourself that there are many others with same issues. Unfortunately the I cant give any positives regarding the hub or devices. Again on paper fantastic, reality, way way off mark. Customer support has been very good, its to bad that the product is not.


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