SmartThings + ecobee3

The right temperature, now in every room.

Did you know that SmartThings works with ecobee’s latest connected thermostat, the ecobee3? It’s true! “So, OK… what does that mean for me?” you’re probably asking. Well, get this: it means that you no longer have to sacrifice comfort in your bedroom for comfort in your living room.

Unlike traditional thermostats which only measure the temperature in the rooms they’re in, ecobee3’s remote sensors give you full control over the temperature in every room in your home.

It’s also a learning thermostat, which means it understands when to turn your heat or air conditioning on based on time of day, your schedule, the weather outside, and even your past energy usage (which, by the way, ecobee owners save an average of 23% on annually).

As an added bonus, when you connect your ecobee3 to SmartThings and Amazon Echo, you can control the temperature using nothing more than your voice. Pretty sweet, huh?

Spring is the perfect time to invest in new energy-conscious equipment, so take a look at the ecobee3, and save big this summer.

Currently available in the US, UK, and Canada.

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  1. Any chance we’ll see more in-depth integration, with the ability to use and change the comfort modes in ecobee3?

  2. My Smartthings hub V.2 isn’t detecting my Ecobee3?!?

  3. The current ecobee3 device type made by SmartThings has so little features compared to the ones created by the user community. When will it be updated so that it’s actually useful? Also why were both companies advertising that they worked together before this announcement when they actually didn’t?

  4. Multiple sensors but still only one furnace. How can it give room-specific comfort?

  5. I want to change comfort modes!!! I also want to be able to use the temperature sensors in my other devices with my Ecobee3!!!


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