Smart Home for the Holidays: Day 8

Step 1: Tell your kids that Santa always knows when they’ve been naughty or nice.

Step 2: Tell you kids that Santa will magically change the color of the (Philips hue) light bulbs in your their room to either green or red if they’ve been good or bad that day.

Step 3: For optimum results, we recommend not telling your children that Santa doesn’t exist, and that you’re actually using the Philips hue Mood Lighting SmartApp in the free SmartThings app to do this.

Step 4: Continue this parenting theme to encompass other holidays and mystical gift-bringing demigods, and watch as your kids blossom into model citizens.

In honor of this merriest of months, we’re doing a little something we call Smart Home for the Holidays. Be sure to check back each day for a new use case and illustration!

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