Review: “SmartThings Is A Smart Home System Actually Worth Buying”

“We’ve covered quite a few smart home gadgets here at Reviewed, mostly because the market is increasingly inundated with them. Generally, we believe the smart home—or, more broadly, the Internet of Things—is both promising and inevitable. But it will be a while before the tech goes mainstream; broad adoption won’t happen until consumers can outfit their home under a single app, with complete connectivity, and for a reasonable cost.

That’s why it’s nice to see products that leapfrog those hurdles. SmartThings, it appears, is one of those products.”

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  1. I did not know the motion detector also extended the range. The range is what I am having the most issues with. My house is old, large, and not easily wired and thus, mostly wireless. I have 4 access points creating a mesh wireless network (I own and run a small IT company). Finding a “central” location with power and wired Internet has been difficult.

    • Yeah – basically anything that is not battery operated (ie pugged in) will act as a range extender. This includes in-wall switched and outlets, pluggable outlets like the SmartPower Outlet, and plugged in motion detectors and sirens. One caveat is that, depending on the device, it extends a different part of the network – either ZigBee or Z-Wave. Most of the devices that come with SmartThings kits are ZigBee whereas many of the in-wall switches and 3rd party devices use Z-Wave.

      Also – as far as networking goes – can’t you plug the router into any of those access points via ethernet?

      • The AP’s are just that, AP’s. One Ethernet port IN for Internet. They are not routers or switches.

        Good news on the components that extend the range. I’m sure not much is needed as far as range goes. But now knowing this, I can better plan the layout of Smart controls within my home to ensure that everything is in range.


  2. @ronanthonyquinn:disqus – From what I understand, it needs to be plugged in to act as an extender. We have ours that way in two locations and haven’t had any trouble yet with long distances.

  3. Question / Opinion time!
    Do you have a preference? Either the ZiggBee outlets or the GE (Z-Wave) dual outlets?

    Does one have better range or work better than the other? Do they suit specific appliances better?


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