A Recap of TreeHacks

Just down the road from the SmartThings Palo Alto office, 500 students from 86 different schools came together for TreeHacks–a Stanford University-sponsored hacking event spanning 36 hours. SmartThings was there for all of it.

Students had 36 hours to create a project of their choosing – it could be hardware-based, software-based, or both. The organizers kept everyone well-caffeinated, well-fed, and in good health: free massages, yoga sessions, food trucks, and laser tag were offered throughout the weekend. Yes, laser tag.

DSC01311 copy.jpg

We saw some amazing hacks, from an app that finds the safest route through your city to a Myo-controlled drone to a Leap Motion controlled robotic arm that can easily perform repetitive tasks.

We brought along a bunch of hardware for students to hack on, and by the end of the weekend, we had to start making runs to our office to get more.

SmartThings was offering a challenge: the team with the best hack involving SmartThings would get a Starter Kit for all team members. It was not easy to pick a winner. In fact, we ended up picking two!

Jarvis is a voice-controlled app for Chrome. Simple voice commands can go launch a Website, play a song, and turn the lights on using SmartThings–all just by speaking to your Web browser.

Wake integrates wearable technologies and the IoT to enable your environment to respond when you fall asleep accidentally. When you have fallen asleep, Wake will pause your DirecTV, and use SmartThings to turn the lights off and lock your door.

Wake took third place overall! An impressive integration across multiple technologies, solving an interesting problem with real-world impacts.

Congratulations to both of our SmartThings challenge winners, and to everyone who came out to build at TreeHacks. We all left blown away by what is possible in just 36 hours.

Here are some more pics from the weekend:




You can browse all of the TreeHacks projects over at their ChallengePost site.


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